When His Eyes Opened Chapter 730

With furrowed brows, Elliot pulled out his phone and dialed Wesley’s number.

A few seconds after the call was made, he heard Wesley’s exhausted voice.

“How’s Robert doing?”

“Where did you get the blood, Wesley?” Elliot walked over to a secluded corner, then raised his voice and demanded, “You should know what I’m asking about!”

Shea spent every single day with Wesley.

There was a high possibility that the blood that he brought belonged to Shea.

Wesley did not want to lie, nor did he want to tell him the truth right away.

“I don’t think we have a trusting relationship, Elliot Foster,” Wesley said calmly. “Would you trust what I say? Did you ever believe me back when I explained that there was nothing going on between Avery and me?”

“This is a separate matter entirely.”

“I’ve had a long day.” Wesley did not want to continue speaking to him. “If you want to know if the blood was Shea’s, then you can ask her directly. I’m sure she will answer your question.”

“You don’t think I’ll ask her? It’s late. I don’t want to wake her,” Elliot said.

“That’s right. It’s late, and I need to rest, too.” Before Wesley hung up the phone, he pressured him and said, “I’m afraid the blood that I sent to the hospital tonight won’t be enough. We need to find more as soon as possible. Robert’s sickness can’t be dragged on any further.”

“Don’t you think I want to save my son?” After Elliot said this, the words he wanted to say afterward got stuck in his throat and did not escape his lips.

He knew that Wesley was working hard to find more sources, so he could not lose his temper with him.

After a moment of silence, Wesley said, “Avery’s wound can’t handle too much stress. Take care of her.”

“Got it.”

“I’m hanging out.” Wesley quietly sighed.

He knew that Elliot was going through a hard time. Not only did he have to carry the responsibilities of a father, but he also had to prepare for the pain of losing his son at any time. On top of that, there was Avery…

If anything happened to Robert, it would put a strain on his relationship with Avery.

Once the call ended, Elliot opened up his contacts and found Shea’s number.

It was half-past ten, and Shea would usually be asleep by now.

He decided to call her tomorrow instead.

Just as he was about to put his phone away and go check on Robert, his phone screen suddenly lit up.

When he saw that it was a call from Shea, his heart began to race.

Was it telepathy? She was still awake at this time of night.

Elliot answered the call.

“Why are you still up, Shea?”

“I had a dream about Robert… How is he? I’m so worried about him!” Shea’s voice was drowsy.

“Wesley brought a bag of blood here tonight. They’re doing the blood transfusion right now,” Elliot said, then asked, “Shea, was the blood that Wesley brought yours?”

Shea never lied to him, so he was very nervous about her answer.

“It isn’t mine,’ Shea said, then asked, “Could my blood save Robert? Big Brother, if my…”

Hearing her words, Elliot immediately interjected and said, “That’s not it. Your blood can’t save Robert. Your health isn’t in good condition, so you can’t donate blood. Remember what I’m saying to you.”

Shea responded obediently, then said, “It’s late, Big Brother. You should get some sleep, too. Your health will get worse if you don’t get enough sleep.”

“I’ll see if Robert will wake up tonight. I’ll sleep if he wakes up.” Elliot was much more relaxed than before. “Go back to sleep, Shea. Turn on the lights if you’re scared.”

“Okay. Can I go to the hospital tomorrow? I’m worried about Robert.”

“You can come if you want.”

“Okay. I’ll go tomorrow morning.”

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