When His Eyes Opened Chapter 734

Elliot’s words left a deep impression on Avery’s heart.

He thought that Roberts sickness was life’s punishment for him.

As a doctor, Avery could not agree.

Robert’s illness was due to both the premature birth and the fact that his body was weak.

Her entire pregnancy was a rollercoaster ride. She was sick multiple times and had to take all kinds of d***s. She was also partially responsible for Robert’s condition.

“I’ll try to rush back in the next two hours, Avery.”

Elliot decided to book an entire plane once he arrived at the airport.

“Drive safe,” Avery croaked.

“I will. The signal here is pretty bad. I’m hanging up.”


Perhaps neither of them realized that, before Robert was born, they had fought over the matter with Chelsea, and broke things off completely.

Now, all Avery wanted was for Robert’s condition to quickly stabilize. Nothing else was more important than that.

Moments later, Chad arrived with dinner for her.

“Eat something, Avery!” he said. “The police found some preliminary clues on the headstone.”

Avery raised her brows and asked, “The police know about that?”

“Yes. Mr. Foster asked the police to search the headstone for fingerprints to see where it’s been.” Chad handed her a glass of water, then continued, “The police found that the headstone was made in a family-run workshop on the outskirts of town. The owner is over fifty years old and his son is crippled. His father is also very old. He’s usually the one making the headstones while his wife takes care of his father and their son. There are no surveillance cameras there. They heard from the owner that the person who ordered the headstone was a man in his thirties who was dressed in relatively casual clothes. He paid in cash and didn’t leave any personal information.”

‘I see. I figured that they wouldn’t dare leave information behind. People like that would only do evil things like this in secret.”

“The police have started surveilling the area according to the description that the owner gave,” Chad said. “Let’s hope we can find who was behind it! Otherwise, none of us would be able to let this go.”

Avery did not say anything.

She had an inkling about who sent the headstone.

It was either Chelsea or Wanda.

Both of them had mortal vindictiveness against her.

They must be laughing away seeing her son in critical condition right now.

“It probably wasn’t Chelsea,” Chad said when Avery stayed silent. “She’s fled the country and absolutely terrified right now. I’m sure she wouldn’t do something like this to provoke Mr. Foster.”

“I’m the one she’s provoking,” Avery said, correcting him. “The headstone was sent to my house.”

“Robert is Mr. Foster’s son, though. Playing this kind of sick joke on Robert is waging war against Mr. Foster. Chelsea definitely wouldn’t have the guts to do that.” Chad felt that he knew Chelsea rather well.

“Didn’t they say she’s got a mental illness? We can’t know what someone with a mental illness is thinking,” Avery mocked as she took a sip of soup.

Chad scratched his head in embarrassment, then said, “Let’s eat! We’ll see if the police can find out who did it.”

“I feel bad that you’ve been dragged into this whole thing with Robert, Chad.” Avery put her spoon down after barely having a few bites of food. “You don’t need to come by tomorrow. It’s the end of the year, so the company should be quite busy, right?”

Chad explained, “I’m not that busy. Mr. Foster pretty much settled all of this year’s work before he took time off. Besides, the vice president and Ben are there. This won’t affect our usual operations.”

Avery listened and nodded her head.

“If you really can’t eat much, then have more soup, Avery! Mrs. Cooper made it,” Chad said. “Your body’s still weak from giving birth. No matter how Robert’s doing, you still need to take care of yourself.”

Avery picked up her spoon and took a sip of her soup, then asked, “Let me take the liberty to ask you a question, Chad. Have you ever seen Elliot’s medical reports?”

Chad suddenly froze.

She changed the way she asked her question and said, “Do you know how his health is?”

Chad responded and said, “I’ve never seen his medical reports. That’s something private, after all. Although I do have an idea about how his health is…”

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