When His Eyes Opened Chapter 755

Why was Cole calling Avery?

Avery lay back down on the bed and answered the phone.

“My mother’s dead, Avery, ” Cole sobbed on the other end of the line.

Avery froze for a moment. This was very sudden. “Your mother’s dead? How did she die?”

“Elliot Foster shot her,” Cole choked. “He wanted to shoot me, but my mother took the bullet for me. I’m in so much pain right now, Avery. I don’t know who else to talk to…”

Avery sat up.

Why did Elliot do that?

Shea got in trouble because of Robert. It had nothing to do with Cole!

Elliot would not kill someone for no reason. He was not that kind of person!

“Did your uncle do that because you did something horrible, Cole?” Avery pestered. “What did you do?!

Cole had simply wanted to complain to Avery, but he did not expect her to be more emotional than he was.

” It’s true that I did something awful. I shouldn’t blame my uncle for wanting to kill me, but my mother was innocent! ” Cole drew a sharp breath, then wiped the tears from his face. “My grandmother’s death was caused by Zoe Sanford and me… I was stupid! I thought that I would never have to work again for the rest of my life as long as I kissed up to Zoe!”

“You killed your grandmother but still won’t repent. How could you bring yourself to blame your uncle when your mother died because of you? If I were him, I would want you dead, too!” Avery gritted her teeth. “One can be incapable, but should still have a conscience!”

Cole’s tears came to a halt.

“You don’t have to speak up for me, Avery, but you don’t need to give me this holier-than-thou attitude when I’m at my lowest! My mother’s dead! I didn’t kill her! I might not have a conscience, but I would never kill my own mother!”

“What about your grandmother, then? Was she unkind to you?” Avery retorted. “If you could kill your own grandmother with your bare hands, then I can give you a holier-than-thou attitude!”

Cole clenched his teeth, then hung up the phone.

Avery let out a heavy sigh as she heard the sound of the call being ended.

How did Elliot suddenly find out that Cole was the one who killed his mother?

In the span of a day, Shea left him and he found out that his mother was murdered by his own nephew. Any typical person would not be able to handle this series of blows.

At the thought, Avery pulled off the covers and got out of bed.

After she washed up, she put on a clean cardigan, then walked out of the room.

In the living room, Eric was playing with Layla. When he saw Avery come out, he immediately shot to his feet.

“When did you get here, Eric?” Avery was fast asleep and did not hear him arrive.

“I got here earlier. I heard about Shea. Elliot doesn’t blame you, does he?” Eric asked.

Avery lowered her gaze and said, “If he had to blame someone, he would blame the baby. I told him before that I would never let Shea donate her blood to the baby.”

“In that case, the baby is even more innocent, ” Eric said with reason. “Can the baby talk? Can he make decisions? If he blames the baby, then you should ignore him and take the baby with you.”

Eric did not want Avery and the baby to suffer.

Avery understood his good intentions, but she had to go and find Elliot now.

She was filled with uneasiness.

He must be in indescribable pain at the moment. Even if she could not truly comfort him, she should still check on him.

When Avery arrived at the Foster mansion, she parked her car outside the front gates.

The bodyguard saw her and immediately opened up the gates.

Mrs. Cooper welcomed Avery as she walked into the front yard.

“What are you doing here, Avery? How’s Robert doing?”

“Robert’s fine.” Avery hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Is Elliot home?”

Mrs. Cooper shook her head and said, “He left this morning and hasn’t been back since then. What happened to Shea was a huge blow to him. Did you manage to contact Wesley? No matter what, we need proof if Shea’s dead or alive!”

“Wesley sent back his phone. He’s decided to cut off all ties with everyone. ” Then, Avery pestered, “Do you know where Elliot went?”

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