When His Eyes Opened Chapter 758

The hallways in the hospital were secluded and quiet.

Avery made her way to the intensive care unit in the neonatal unit.

One of the nurses recognized her, then quickly approached her and said, “Robert ‘s doing very well today, Miss Tate! If everything goes well, then you can just rest at home and wait until he can be discharged.”

Avery nodded her head.

Since Robert was fine, there was no use for her to stick around.

As she left the hospital, her head began to spin. She knew exactly why she was upset.

She could try to convince herself over and over again to not care about Elliot’s behavior. She could pretend to be cool and raise the children herself with no hiccups. However, why did her heart ache this much?

She knew very well that Hayden and Layla might have always said that they did not want a father,

but they wanted one in their hearts. Avery knew that she needed him, too.

However, there seemed to always be an invisible pair of claws between them.

Every time they wanted to get closer to each other, those claws would reach out and rip them apart!

Were they destined not to be able to be together? Avery arrived home at nine that night.

Mike saw the coldness on her face and guessed, ” Did you go see Elliot?”

” I came back from the hospital.” She did not feel like talking about Elliot.

” I went to check things out at the hospital today. The doctor said that Robert’s condition is stable now, and there shouldn’t be any issues from now on.” Mike helped Avery to the couch, then said. ” Chad told me that it’s better for you to leave Elliot alone for now. He was down for a while after his mother died. It’s about the same situation right now.”

Avery lifted her gaze and looked at Mike. “He went to the old mansion to kill Cole Foster today, because Cole was the one who killed Rosalie. In the end, Cole’s mother took the bullet for him. She died today.”

Mike was speechless as he watched her talk.

“Robert was the one who took Shea’s life,” she continued.

“How does that make sense?! Robert doesn’t know a thing right now, ?and you never asked Shea to donate her blood…”

“That’s how Elliot would think, though, ” Avery said certainly. “I know him… That must be what he’s thinking.”

“That’s his problem! Robert isn’t just your child, he’s Elliot’s too!” Mike placed his hands on his hips. “You look exhausted, Avery. Shea ‘s already dead. That’s something that we can’t change. Since that’s the case, then all we can do is accept it!”

Avery took a deep breath, then nodded and asked, ” Are Hayden and Layla asleep?”

“They’re in their room, but I don’t know if they’re asleep or not. They’re pretty upset about Shea’s passing, especially Hayden. I’ve never really seen him cry before this, but he was crying by himself because of Shea.”

Avery recalled everything about Shea and her heart began to ache.

Shea was a ray of light that could defeat all darkness.

Now that she was gone, her light disappeared along with her.

Avery returned to her room, washed up, then lay down in bed.

Her wide eyes were fixed on the chandelier above her head.

The light was blinding her eyes, but she endured it and refused to let her tears fall.

She did not blame Elliot. Even if he blamed everything on her and Robert, she still would not blame him.

When a person is at their lowest, they are completely void of reason.

When her mother died, she felt like her soul was sucked out of her body. She was close to madness and abnormally paranoid about everything.

Everyone around her must have also suffered back then!

She would give Elliot time. She could wait.

Two days later, a grand funeral was held for Cole’s mother.

Elliot was not in attendance.

This showed that he had completely cut ties with his big brother.

What Avery did not expect was the fact that, after the funeral, Elliot had gone back to work.

If her memory served her right, he had settled all the work for the year before Robert was born.

He must be trying to numb himself by going back to work.

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