When His Eyes Opened Chapter 764

In Chelsea’s opinion, although Hayden was young, he was smarter than ordinary adults.

And Avery’s daughter was just an ordinary silly and sweet child.

So capturing Layla would be a little easier. Charlie listened to her, lost in thought.

This was a risky move. If he wasn’t completely confident, he wouldn’t dare act rashly.

The next day, at seven in the morning, Avery came to the child’s room.

The child was sleeping, but Mrs. Cooper was already up.

“Mrs. Cooper, thank you for your hard work last night. Go and rest now. I’ll take care of the child during the day,” Avery said.
“Yes, he drank milk three times during the night. He has a good appetite and is quite energetic, ” Mrs. Cooper said with a smile. ” He’s quite obedient. He cries when he’s hungry and sleeps after eating.”

“Hayden was like this when she was young. Layla just caused a little trouble, ” Avery added.

Mrs. Cooper was stunned for a moment. “Avery, Layla and Little Han are also Sir’s children, right? Although none of you mentioned this, everyone said so in private.”

Avery said, “It’s not that we don’t want to talk about this, but he almost accidentally killed Little Han. If Little Han doesn’t forgive him, I won’t force the child to acknowledge him.”

Mrs. Cooper understood. “Sir was indeed an impulsive person in the past.”

“Everyone has impulses. ” Avery sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Robert. “No one can do everything perfectly.”

“Yes. I’ll go and rest first,” Mrs. Cooper reminded him. “You can put Robert in the living room so that you don’t have to guard here all the time.”


Avery carried Robert to the crib in the living room so that she could see Robert at any time and the nanny could help take care of her.

In a flash, it was ten o’clock.

Kinness had driven over to visit her and the baby. He brought many gifts, some for the child, some for her.

“Avery, it’s winter vacation now, and you have to take care of Robert, so…” Jin Sinian discussed with Avery.

Avery knew what he was going to say.

She looked at Layla. “Layla, tell Mama what you think. Mama has to take care of her brother, but Mama can take care of you? and your brother, too. If you’re at home, Mama can play games with you or take you out.”

Robert was too young to even turn over. With Mrs. Cooper and the nanny taking care of him, she wasn’t worried.

Layla glanced up at Eric, her bright eyes shifting, and then she said to Avery, “Mom, I want uncle Eric to play with me. Because Uncle Eric can teach me so much, I want to be like my brother and be a wonderful person.”

Eric quickly added, “As long as I’m not very busy with work, I’ll send her back every day.”

“Will this affect your work?” Avery asked worriedly. “I can take care of the children myself.”

Eric said, “Layla won’t affect me. Just think of it as signing her up for a winter break class. I’ve hired a teacher to teach her vocal and dance, and if I have to take her on an announcement, I’ll be sure to ask your permission.”

Avery nodded. “Thank you.”

“It’s no trouble. And I’d be happy to if Little Frosty would join Layla, ” Eric ventured.

Without thinking, Han shook his head and refused.

” Hayden has plans for the winter break in school. He won’t be off until a week before the Spring Festival, ” Avery replied. “Are you resting today? If you are, you can leave after dinner tonight!”

Eric inclined his head. “I see there’s a lot of snow in the yard. Han, Layla, let’s have a snowball fight!”

Layla pouted. “You’re an adult and I’m a child. My brother and I together can’t beat you. I’ll get Uncle Mike to help!”

With that, Layla immediately ran to Mike‘s room and pulled him out.

Finally, Layla and Eric were paired with Han and Mike for a snowball fight.

This game was very childish, but because of the children’s laughter, the gloomy and oppressive atmosphere was swept away.

She hadn’t relaxed like this in a long time.

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