When His Eyes Opened Chapter 766

In truth, Avery felt uneasy. Her senses told her that so long as Elliot‘s issue wasn’t resolved, bringing the child over to pressure him would only make things worse.

She regretted it as soon as she stepped foot into the living room of Elliot’s mansion, but Mrs. Scarlet was extremely pleased to see Robert.

Mrs. Scarlet accepted Robert from Avery’s arms and played with him for a while, before passing him back to Avery.

“Avery, Mr. Foster is upstairs. He’s only had some soup tonight. That can’t possibly be enough, but he won’t even take another bite of food. I’m not sure if he’s resting or in the study room right now,” Mrs. Scarlet said as she led the way, “watch your steps while you are carrying the child.”

“Mrs. Scarlet, maybe it’s best that I don’t disturb him,” Avery said hesitantly, “I’m worried that it would only increase his burden if he sees Robert.”

Mrs. Scarlet was slightly stunned at her words, but then proceeded to say, “but what if he finds relief in seeing Robert? He is Robert’s father and he is going to have to face his own child one day. Is he supposed to just stay away from his son if he never manages to recover from the psychological trauma?

The reason Mrs. Scarlet had asked Avery to bring Robert to visit Elliot was because she felt sorry for Elliot for being left alone.

Elliot’s mother had passed away, Shea was gone and he had broken ties with his eldest brother as well; he no longer had a family.

Anyone would have had to suffer the same as Elliot would have been traumatized as well, so Mrs.

Scarlet wanted Avery and Robert to remind Elliot what it was like to have a family.

“Give it a try, Avery! If he acts out, you can just leave with the child,” Mrs. Scarlet said.
Avery nodded and thought to herself, ‘I’m already here anyway, I might as well give it a try. What if it actually works?’

Once they were on the second floor, Mrs. Scarlet went to take a look in Elliot’s bedroom.

The door to his bedroom was left open with no one to be found inside.

“He should be in the study room,” Mrs. Scarlet said to Avery, ” go ahead and knock on the door directly. I won’t follow you inside.”

Apart from a bed, there wasn’t much in Elliot’s bedroom. Mrs. Scarlet would clean the room every day and hence, had so reservations in entering the bedroom; on the other hand, Elliot had a lot of belongings in his study room. The servants would normally stay away from the study room unless Elliot asked for it to be cleaned.

Avery stepped towards the study room with Robert in his arms. When she reached the door, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door, before listening carefully to the sound coming from inside.

Shortly after, the door was opened.

Avery froze at the sight of the towering figure that appeared before her. Robert, who had been asleep in her arms, seemed to have sensed something and opened his eyes.

As soon as the child opened his eyes, Elliot’s attention was drawn to his bright, shining eyes.

It was the first time the father and son met one another’s eyes.

Elliot’s heart was instantly overwhelmed by emotions at how much Robert resembled him. He couldn’t tell if he resented or loved, or felt nothing for the child, but he had yet to find a way to accept

Robert’s existence.

“Elliot…” Avery called out to him when she saw the dazed expression on his face.

Elliot snapped out of it and looked away from Robert. “Take him away.”

His voice was hoarse and his tone was mild; for a moment, Avery couldn’t tell what he was truly feeling from the words alone.

Elliot did not want to see their child, but did not seem to resent Robert as well.

Avery felt slightly disappointed. Robert was not at fault, so why did he have to treat their child with indifference?

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