When His Eyes Opened Chapter 767

Avery turned around with Robert in her arms and was about to leave, when she heard Elliot coughing.

She immediately stopped on her track.

Elliot didn’t cough all that often and would only do so when he was ill.

She strode to the stairs where Mrs. Scarlet was waiting and handed Robert to her, before turning around to head back into the study room. She strolled towards him and studied his flushed cheeks resulting from the constant coughing.

There was a strong emotion in the air that no one could label, but it felt like something would explode at the softest touch.

“Are you sick?” Avery asked and reached up to touch his forehead to test his temperature.

Elliot took a few steps back. “It’s just a cold. I don’t have a fever.”

Avery closed in on him and asked, “did you ask me to take Robert away because you are sick and don’t want him to catch it, not because you don’t want to see him?”

He stared at her with dark, brooding eyes and answered honestly, “both. Who asked you here?”

“No one asked me here. I’m just here because I want to,” she said wilfully, before circling around his desk and turning off his laptop. She then took him by the arm and dragged him out of the study room. “A cold might not be that big of a deal, but your recovery will be really slow if you don’t rest.

I know that maybe you just want to keep being sick so that you won’t have to have Robert, but running doesn’t solve any problem.”

“And you are here to solve the problem, ” he summarized and guessed at the same time, “you want me to welcome the child with joy like everyone else and raise him together with you, is that right?”

” I did think of that before, but I know it’s too hard for you. I don’t want to put you on the spot, so I will raise my own child, but you don’t have to act like you can’t even look at him, like he is a murderer!” Avery instantly lost control of her emotions.

She let go of his arm, her chest heaving rapidly. “If Shea was still alive, she definitely wouldn’t want your relationship with Robert to be so weird because of her!”

Provoked by the mention of Shea’s name, Elliot‘s expression darkened and he started walking back to his bedroom.

Avery followed closely behind. “You have a mild fever, Elliot, your temperature can go up at night if you don’t take medicine now.”

“I already took pills.”

“What kind of pills? Show me.” She followed him into his room.

Elliot paused and tensed his back; he was breathing heavily as though he was trying to contain himself.

Ignoring his anger, Avery strode towards the nightstand and picked up the box of medicine on it. It was a type of normal cold medicine; four pills were missing from the box, which Avery assumed had been consumed by him.

Out of habit, she glanced at the manufacture date and expiration date. After that, she tossed the box into the trash can.

“Elliot Foster, are you too old to think straight?”

She couldn’t believe that an adult would take medicine without checking the expiration date. It was sheer luck that all he took was normal cold medicine, but why if it was something else?

“Where did you even find expired cold medicine?” Her heart sank as she couldn’t decide whether he did it by accident or on purpose.

” I don’t get sick that often.” He swallowed hard as though he could read her thoughts and said, “I didn’t take the expired pills on purpose.”

“Call your personal doctor right now.” She took a deep breath and commanded, “ask him to come over and look after you.”

“I will get my driver to buy medicine.” Elliot didn’t think it was necessary to call his doctor.

“If you don’t do as I say, Robert and I will stay here tonight, ” she threatened, “it’s not like you can chase us out.”

Her threat had worked and he called his family doctor as she watched.

Bitterness filled her heart as she watched him make the phone call.

‘How desperately does he want me gone to actually call his doctor without a moment of hesitation?!’ She thought.

After the call, she felt offended and no longer wished to remain in his room for another moment, so she turned to strode toward the door.

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