When His Eyes Opened Chapter 768

After she left, Elliot called the family doctor once again and said, “I’m fine. You don’t have to come now.”

The doctor was slightly confused. “Mr. Foster, I’m already on the way there. Why don’t I come and have a look?”

Elliot hung up. He reached up to touch his forehead and noticed that his skin was slightly hot to the touch.

He did not realize that he had a fever before Avery arrived. Though he did feel unwell, it did not affect his work; after Avery’s visit, however, he felt as though all strength had been drained from him.

He lied down on the bed and tried to empty out his emotions, but no matter how many times he tried, his effort ended in failure.

Whenever he tried to forget about what happened earlier, Robert’s face would appear in his mind.

Robert’s adorable, little face, and his bright, curious eyes were like a blinding ray of light that pierced through the darkness.

By the time the doctor arrived at Elliot ‘ s mansion, Elliot’s had already drifted off to sleep.

The doctor touched his forehead and realized that Elliot’s temperature was exceptionally high. He immediately took out the thermometer and checked Elliot’s temperature.

The screen of the thermometer showed that his body temperature had reached 38.g Celsius.

Normally, one would have to take medication for fever once their body temperature exceeded 38.S Celsius, but because Elliot was asleep, the doctor could only place him on fluid infusion.

The next morning, Elliot opened his eyes and his fever had been brought down. His body no longer felt heavy and his headache had subdued.

Ever since Shea passed away, he had been drowning in sorrow, which led to insomnia. The lack of sleep had caused the headache in the end.

Catching a cold this time had given him a good night’s sleep; he felt more energized and less depressed.

He lifted the blanket and sat up, before noticing the medicine and note left on the nightstand by his doctor.

He picked up the note and saw that there was

instruction on the dosage of medicine and also a reminder for Elliot to take care of himself.

Elliot set the note down and got out of bed to open the curtains at the window.

It was not snowing, and the snow in the yard from before was slowly melting away under t he bright, golden light.

He turned around and walked into the bathroom.

After a shower, he changed into loose clothes and headed downstairs.

Mrs. Scarlet saw Elliot coming down the stairs and went up to him. “Sir, do you feel better now? I should have known that you were sick when you lost your appetite and refused to have nothing but soup last night. This is my fault.”

” I’m better now.” His throat hurt as though it had been cut when he spoke.

“That’s good to hear. I’ve made some soup. I’ll bring you some.”

Elliot strode into the dining room and as soon as he sat down, Mrs. Scarlet set a bowl of warm soup before him, before stir-frying some vegetables to serve with the soup.

Right before she was about to leave, Elliot asked, “

were you the one who called Avery over last night?”

After a moment of hesitation, Mrs. Scarlet nodded. ” There’s a saying that a doer must undo what he’s done. When I saw how much you’ve been suffering, I thought that maybe if Avery takes Robert here, you would be able to let go once you see Robert. “

“It takes the right medicine to cure someone. My medicine is Shea, not Robert, ” Elliot said calmly, “I won’t neglect Robert, I just can’t love him the way a normal father would.”

Though Robert did not take Shea’s life, he was the reason why she was dead.

Mrs. Scarlet’ s eyes reddened. ” I understand. I won’t call Avery here again, ” she paused for a moment, before continuing, “the doctor told me to remind you to take your pills. Don’t forget to do so.”


After a few moments of silence, Mrs. Scarlet added, “Mrs. Cooper messaged me an hour ago and said that she had traveled to Bridgedale alongside Avery and Robert.”

Elliot‘s hand on the spoon twitched at the words.

“Avery plans to spend the new year with Robert in Bridgedale, ” she continued, “both Hayden and Layla are still over here! She didn’t even wait for those two… Was she provoked in any way when she was here last night?”

Mrs. Scarlet knew that what she said would make Elliot uncomfortable, but she couldn’t help it. After seeing Robert the night before, she had grown to love the child from the bottom of her heart.

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