When His Eyes Opened Chapter 769

Because Robert was identical to Elliot. If Shea was still alive and saw Robert, she would have spoiled the boy senseless.

A young woman as kind as Shea would never want to see Elliot keeping a distance from his son because of her.

Mrs. Scarlet left the dining room after saying what she had to say.

The spoon in Elliot’s hand dropped into the bowl at the news that Avery had taken Robert to Bridgedale.

‘She must be really mad to leave in such a hurry,’ he thought.

Avery told him that she would raise Robert on her own; she took the boy away with her to Bridgedale so that he wouldn’t have to see him. Elliot felt like he was supposed to be relieved, but he simply couldn’t feel the slightest joy.

The thought of rushing to Bridgedale to find her even came across his mind, but was soon rejected.

‘It’s a good thing that she took him away, ‘ he thought, ‘ that way, I will have time to cool down and keep check of my emotions.’

It was a spontaneous decision for Avery to take Robert to Bridgedale. Robert was still too young to travel on long-haul flights, but she laid awake all night thinking back to the cold looks in Elliot’s eyes.

She didn’t care if she was mistreated, but she couldn’t allow her son to be mistreated. Motivated by rage, she decided to move her family to Bridgedale and spend new years there.

She took Robert with her first, and Mike would take Hayden and Layla to meet with her in Bridgeable before Spring Break.

Everyone in her family, including Hayden, Layla and Mike, all respected her decision.

Avery was grateful for their understanding and felt glad that they were willing to accept her, even when she occasionally decided to act rashly.

She didn’t leave in a hurry simply out of spite, but also because she wanted to see her patient again: a man that shared the same blood type, same condition and even similar looks with Shea.

The man had a wonderful name called Adrian White.

Though his surname was White, his first name Adrian symbolized ‘the dark one“, putting the two words together somewhat made his name sound contradicting yet meaningful.

Adrian’s looks gave her the same feeling as his name did. He had clear eyes but often seemed gloomy. He would not have appeared that way without the pain he suffered from the illness.

When the plane landed in Bridgedale, their bodyguards sent them to the mansion.

Avery had not intended for Mrs. Cooper to tag along, as Mrs. Cooper was not familiar with Bridgedale at all, but she insisted on coming to help taking care of Avery’s children.

“I have a nanny that I know from here and I will hire her to help take care of Robert with you. I don’t want you to give yourself so much of a hard time,” Avery said to Mrs. Cooper.

Mrs. Cooper nodded. “Avery, are you going back after the holidays?”

Avery read between her words and knew that Mrs. Cooper was concerned that she might remain in Bridgedale permanently.

“Of course, I will go back. Hayden and Layla go to school in Aryadelle and my company is there as well.

Mrs. Cooper sighed a breath of relief at her answer. Meanwhile, in Aryadelle.

The house became extremely empty since Avery left with Robert.

Eric had taken Layla to attend classes for stage performances and Mike was busy with work since it was the end of the year; hence, Hayden was the only one left at home.

Hayden was attending special classes during the winter holidays and did not have class every single day. After completing his class for the morning, he was free for the rest of the day.

He had promised Layla that he would go find her in the afternoon, so after class, he took a taxi from the side of the road.

Not long after the driver started driving, he mumbled, “what’s wrong with that black car behind me? Why is it following me?”

Hayden‘s head snapped around to look behind him immediately.

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