When His Eyes Opened Chapter 770

Hayden was immediately alerted because he had been stalked before. He took out his phone and called Eric.

His phone was a gift from Eric; it was a cell phone tailor-made for children and Eric even saved his personal number in the phone.

Hayden told Eric about being followed and Eric immediately arranged a few bodyguards to wait for Hayden where he got out of the taxi.

The black car that was following Hayden raced by him as soon as he got out of the car, as though to make a statement that it was not following him, but simply happened to be driving on the same road.

“Are you here alone? Why didn’t you bring your bodyguard?” Eric took Hayden’s hand and took him into the building, where Eric and Layla trained for the entertainment company.

“It’s new year soon and I told my bodyguard to go on leave, ” Hayden said.

“Your mom is going to be worried if she finds out.” Eric remained thoughtful for a moment, before suggesting, “that person who was following you

must have known that you don’t have a bodyguard with you, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to do such a thing. I will assign two bodyguards to you. Nothing bad can happen to you before you head to Bridgedale to find your mom.”

Hayden didn’t like being followed by bodyguards, but he knew that Avery had her hands full taking care of his younger brother; if something was to happen to him, it would break his mother’s heart.

Hayden nodded in agreement.

“Layla learned a dance sequence today, but she might not be that good at it yet. When she asks you later, compliment her, okay?” Eric reminded him thoughtfully.

Hayden nodded dazedly, as he tried to figure out who sent someone to follow him.

Could it be Chelsea? But Chelsea had been hiding under her shell lately and wouldn’t dare to show herself.

Could it be Wanda? She was the one behind that incident with the grave, after all. She desperately wanted Robert dead, so naturally, she would want Hayden and his sister dead as well.

‘Why hasn’t Elliot dealt with her yet? What exactly is he thinking?’ He thought, ‘Mom took Robert to

see him last night and decided to go to Bridgedale first thing this morning. She must have been bullied when she was at Elliot‘s. That dirtbag!’

Rage burnt hot within Hayden. To think that he had expected a dirtbag to make his mother happy, he must have been dreaming.

Eric took Hayden to the dancing room, where Layla was dancing under the teacher’s lead.

Hayden felt disoriented when he saw how devoted Layla seemed.

Layla would always be easily distracted when she was doing her homework, but she seemed extremely focused at the moment.

Hayden didn’t want his sister to be an idol, but kept his thoughts to himself when his mother did not oppose the idea; and when he saw how much Layla had changed, he had a change in mind.

As long as she is happy, she should be able to do anything she wanted.

Soon, the song was over and the dancing ceased.

Layla immediately ran towards Hayden. “Hayden! How did I do?” She batted her beautiful eyes and asked in excitement.

“It’s good.”

“I knew you would compliment me, Hayden! Dancing is so tiring, though! I want you to carry me! ” Layla clung onto Hayden like a koala.

Hayden took her hand and took her to sit down on a chair on the side. “Stop if you are tired.”

“I have to keep going! The teacher said that I’m still not familiar with a few moves and I need more practice to master them.” Layla grabbed Hayden‘s hand and continued in a soft voice, “Uncle Eric said that he is going to take me to appear on a new year show in a few days. I’m going to perform well, Hayden. Uncle Eric says that Mom will be able to see me on television then.”

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