When His Eyes Opened Chapter 772

Cole listened to his father as though he was listening to an intoxicating story. “So, is my uncle really mentally ill?”

Henry frowned and sighed. “There are different levels of severity to mental illness. Even if your uncle was ill, he had not had another episode since then. How else did he succeed afterward?”

“His business took off, but his love life did not. Avery divorced him and refused to hand over the custody of her children. Do you really think it’s because they don’t love each other? Maybe she’s known about his illness the entire time and decided not to be with him!” Cole guessed.

Henry considered his words thoughtfully.

“Dad, we already have nothing. We have nothing else to lose. Even if we side with Charlie, what exactly can Elliot do to us? I don’t have any more money that he can take anymore!” Cole found his determination in desperation. “I have to work with Charlie. “

Henry took his glass and drank all the wine in it. “Tell Charlie about this, and then what?” Henry scowled. “Even if you tell everyone that Elliot murdered his own father, what’s going to happen? Back then it happened, your grandmother’s first reaction was to protect him. If even your grandmother wouldn’t blame him on this, what gives anyone else the right to punish him for it?

Besides, it happened too long ago!”

“Dad, the reason why you are not as successful as Elliot is because you are not as ruthless as him.” Cole poured his father another glass of wine. “He has just enormous influence now and once a scandal like this gets out, it will destroy him!

Charlie wouldn’t try so hard to find his weakness otherwise.”

“Elliot is still my brother!”

“But he killed your wife and forced your son into bankruptcy! Do you still care that he’s your brother? Is he going to take care of you when you grow old?”

Cole’s words had rendered Henry speechless.

Half an hour later, Henry had too much to drink and started turning red. “Standing against him won’t end well for you… I am going to retire to the country… Don’t come to me for anything from now on… It’s up to you if you have a death wish… but I don’t… I don’t want to die…”

Cole clenched his fists at his father’s words.

“Elliot is a god to you, but not to me! Sooner or later, he will be defeated by someone better than him! Maybe he will end up even worse compared to us!” Cole said, as his eyes glammed with hope for such a day to arrive.

He returned to his room after stepping out of the dining room and called Charlie.

Though he was slightly drunk, he was excited and felt as though he could see Elliot’s scandal being printed on tomorrow’s headline.

“Charlie, does your offer still stand?” He asked, ” I’ve learnt my uncle ‘s secret, but I need you to pay off my debt.”

“Just how much exactly do you owe?” Charlie asked calmly, “I’m not as rich as your uncle, so it depends on how worthy your tips are.”

“My tips are definitely worth the money. If you don’t intend on working with me, then I will just find someone else,” Cole said confidently, “my uncle has plenty of enemies. I can just find the wealthiest amongst them and they would surely pay mv 7-5 million debts off for me.”

Charlie considered the amount ‘7.5 million’ and hesitated for a few moments, before saying, “I will give you a prepayment. Tell me everything that you know and I will transfer the remaining balance to you.”

Cole had not expected that Charlie would agree to it so quickly; it seemed like he really was determined to destroy Elliot.

After the trade, Charlie felt slightly displeased because the information Colt provided him sounded like it was the most shocking news at first, but Charlie had already heard of it before; he simply hadn’t been able to put all the pieces together just yet.

Which meant that he had spent 7.S million on a confirmation from Cole.

The crimson-colored box that Elliot had lost potentially contained information related to his condition. Once he obtained the box, Charlie would be able to make Elliot his puppet.

At that point, 7.5 million aside, Elliot would have to pay him even if he asked for 75 million or 750 million.

At night, Elliot was about to rest at eleven when the screen of his phone lit up all of a sudden.

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