When His Eyes Opened Chapter 773

But how did Elliot realize that she was the one who took the box?

Unsettled, Layla had no clue as to what to do when there was no one else she could rely on.

“I… I don‘t know… Auntie, I want to go home.” Layla lowered her gaze and tried to exit the bathroom.

The woman stood before the door and stopped her from getting out.

“Layla, I know that you might be a little scared right now. So am I,” she lowered her voice,” but if you don‘t tell me where the box is, not only will Elliot me, he will kill the bodyguard who sent you here as well. You should have heard what kind of a man he is, right?”

Layla shook her head frantically without a moment of hesitation. “Is he going to kill me, too, if I don‘t say anything? No way! He won‘t do that!”

“He is definitely not going to kill you. You are his daughter, after all. But do you want to see the bodyguard who sent you here die?” The woman‘s voice was soft, yet filled with threats.

Layla‘s eyes reddened as she sobbed, “no… I don‘t want my bodyguard to die…”

“Layla, that box belongs to Elliot. All you need to do is to return it and nothing bad will happen,” the woman coaxed, “it was Elliot‘s to begin with, so let‘s return it to its owner, okay?

Layla‘s defenses crumbled. “I… I need to talk to my brother first…”

“Why would you need to talk to him? What would happen if he doesn‘t approve? If that happens, both me and your bodyguard would die at the hands of Elliot.” Tears scrolled down the woman‘s face as she spoke, “return the box in silence and tell your brother when he finds out. Surely he wouldn‘t blame you; he might not even notice it at all.”

Layla raised her hand to wipe away her tears as she struggled. She had never encountered a situation like this before and how could a six–year–old like her possibly made up her mind?

“Layla, is that box at your house? Let me send you back, okay?” The woman continued, “tell you bodyguard to drive the two of us back to get the box.”

Layla reluctantly nodded. “My brother would be mad if he found out.”

“Then don‘t tell him. The box belongs to Elliot, not your brother. It was wrong of you to take something that isn‘t yours to begin with.”

The woman’s words finally convinced Layla to let her guard down.

She was the one who took the box and now, she had to be the one to return it; it could be

a good thing to pretend that nothing had ever happened.

They drove back to Starry River Villa. The woman and the bodyguard waited in the yard while Layla went into the mansion on her own.

It was the first time she had ever felt so alone. Mike and Hayden were not at home and there were only nannies left to clean the house. Had any of them been at home, she would have rushed towards them to tell them what had happened.

Layla sighed gloomily and took out a shovel, before walking back to the woman and point at one of the trees. “It‘s under the ground.”

The woman accepted the shovel in pleasant surprise.

Hayden was the one who buried the box. Since he was still a child and could hardly measure up to the strength of an adult, he couldn‘t bury it too deep; it took the woman a short while of digging before she found the crimson box.

The woman gave Layla an overjoyed smile after getting the box. “Layla, you are such a good girl! Well then, I don‘t overstay my welcome,” she said happily, before leaving the mansion with the box.

The bodyguard watched the woman left in confusion. “Layla, what did she just dug up? Why are you giving it to her?”

“That‘s Elliot‘s, not mine.” Layla pouted.

“Oh.” The bodyguard responded, but soon realized that something was wrong. “But why are you giving Elliot‘s thing to that woman?!”

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