When His Eyes Opened Chapter 774

“That lady was sent by Elliot,” Layla explained to the bodyguard in all seriousness, “Elliot is a bad person! She said that if I don‘t give the box up, Elliot will kill you. You protect me every single day, how can I let him kill you?”

The bodyguard felt flattered and surprised at the same time. “Why don‘t I feel like that‘s the kind of man Elliot Foster is? If one beats a dog, one has to answer to its master. I am hired by your mother. How is he supposed to explain himself to your mother if he kills me?”

Layla blinked blankly. “So, you are saying that he doesn‘t dare to offend Mom?”

“Yeah! When has he ever bullied anyone in this house? Whether it‘s you and your brother, or your Uncle Mike, he has always been quite polite when he sees you all,” the bodyguard rationalized, “why would he kill me when I didn‘t do anything to him?”

“But I stole from him,” Layla mumbled while tugging at the corner of her clothes. “I stole that box from his house and it contains something really important. Now that I‘ve returned it to him, he probably won‘t be mad anymore.”

The bodyguard felt like there was more to the story, but since Layla had gone ahead and returned the box, there was nothing much left to be concerned with.

Just then, on the highway outside Starry River Villa, the woman who obtained the box called her employer smugly to report the good news.

She had not expected to accomplish her mission so easily. As she had expected, Layla was a simple–minded little girl who would panic at the simplest threat.

It was also sheer like that she had succeeded, because Layla‘s house happened to be empty and everything went smoothly when Layla had no one else to talk to.

Once the call was answered, the person on the other side of the line asked, “how did it go? Did you get it?”

“I did! It went smoothly!” The woman played with the crimson–colored box while sitting on the passenger‘s seat. “I heard that this box contains Elliot Foster‘s secret… It‘s no wonder that you are willing to pay such a high price for it!”

“It means death to ordinary people if they get their hand on the box. Don‘t even think about keeping it to yourself, or you will die,” the employer warned sarcastically, “don‘t take Elliot Foster lightly! If you don‘t get me the box, I will send your personal information to him right away! If I can‘t have it, you are not getting out of the woods either!”

The woman paled in fear. “That‘s not what I mean to say… I‘ve never thought of keeping the box to myself. Money is more promising and I don‘t want to take that big of a risk. Just

transfer the money to my account. I‘m already on my way.”

As soon as the woman finished her sentence, a deafening ‘baam!‘ followed as a white car lost control and ran into them.

The woman screamed as the car was sent flying and the heart–wrenching shout was heard by the employer through the phone…

A smug expression had appeared on Wanda‘s face as she was assured that she had the box, but when she heard the screaming, she stood up from her chair hastily and shouted at the phone,” hello?! What happened?! What‘s going on??”

However, there was nothing but static on the other end of the line. She seemed to hear the sound of glass breaking, cars honking frantically and the pained moans of a woman…

All the sounds came together to form a picture of a car crush.

Wanda was stunned.

The person she had sent had obtained the box with such ease that she thought that she would have the crimson–colored box within half an hour, but instead, a car accident took place at such a crucial time.

If there was a car accident, the police would arrive at the scene immediately and all personal effects inside the car would be taken away.

If the police collected the box and realized that the content inside belonged to Elliot, they would contact him right away to return it to him.

Wanda felt like she was going crazy.

She could not allow that to happen. She must hurry over and get the box.

She grabbed onto her phone tightly and her brain went into overdrive. The car crush had likely taken place near Starry River Villa because the woman she hired had contacted Wanda immediately after obtaining the box.

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