When His Eyes Opened Chapter 775

He had never publicized their relationship when Shea was still alive. It was a decision he made to keep her from the interference of the outside world; not even Avery understood him and thought that he hid Shea away from others’ knowledge because he was ashamed of her intellectual disability.

He had never once been ashamed of Shea; she would have died long ago if he felt ashamed of her.

With Shea gone, he no longer had to worry about someone bothering or hurting her. Upon deciding that he would hold Shea’s funeral, he started making arrangements on his own.

When news got out, Hayden told Mike that he wanted to attend Shea’s funeral.

Mike immediately called Chad to ask if they could go.

“Mr. Foster is the one who drew up the guest list, you and Hayden are not on the list,” Chad said in a troubled tone.

Mike lifted an eyebrow. “Is Avery on it? If her name is on it, then Hayden and I will attend the funeral as her representatives.”

“No, ” Chad said directly, “he only invited some of the managers in the company and some clients that Sterling Group has worked with for years… He didn’t invite Avery or any friends, for that matter…”

“Oh… But Hayden says that he wants to see Shea off. Go ask Elliot if Hayden can come, if he says no, he will never hear Hayden refer to him as his father again, ” Mike threatened, “even if Shea died because of Robert, Hayden has nothing to do with it.”

“I get it. Don’t get so riled up. I’ll go ask right away.

Chad hung up and took a sip of cold water to calm himself. He spent some time preparing himself, before gathering the courage to call Elliot. When the call was answered, he expressed Hayden’s will to attend Shea’s funeral and started building Hayden’s case.

“Mr. Foster, Shea was very close with Hayden when she was alive…”

“Sure, ” before Chad could finish, Elliot agreed.

Chad felt slightly dazed, as he had not expected Elliot to agree without reservation.

After the call, he conveyed Elliot’s response to Mike. “My boss isn’t that narrow-minded. Once Shea ‘s

funeral is over, he should be able to slowly recover.”

” I don’t care about him,” Mike said, “now that all three kids belong to Avery, things are great.”

“You have no empathy. Shea is Mr. Foster’s biological sister. They were fraternal twins.”

Mike froze.

“Shea’s real name is Shea Foster. It’s written on her tombstone, ” Chad continued, “if she was still alive, we would probably never learn her real name.”

“Why would he keep it hidden if they were brother and sister? I hate sneaking around most!”

Mike mocked and decided to tell Avery about it to see if she would like to attend the funeral.

Avery remained quiet for a few moments when she heard the news. For the past few days, she had been hoping for a miracle; as long as Shea’s body was not found, she could still be alive.

However, if Elliot had decided to hold a funeral, it meant that he had obtained intel that confirmed Shea’s death.

“I need to take care of Robert, so I’ll pass. You should take Hayden and go. If Layla wants to go, take her with you as well,” Avery said.

“Alright, ” Mike said.

“Has Shea’s body been transported back?”

A bold thought appeared in Avery’s mind: she wanted to run a DNA test on Shea and Adrian.

She wanted to know if the two were related… how else could she explain all the coincidences?

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