When His Eyes Opened Chapter 778

If there was one thing Elliot hated most in his life, it would be being threatened by someone.

‘So Charlie has something to hold against me, but won’t move because he is waiting for the right time? ‘ He thought to himself, ‘ha! I won’t give him the chance. If he won’t act, then I’ll destroy him along with the box. Even if the fire doesn’t kill him, his house would be burned into ruins.’

The siren of the ambulance echoed in the air through the silent night.

In Starry River Villa, Hayden had been woken up by the noises, and was shocked when he saw the sky painted with red.

He crawled down the bed and stepped towards the door in the dark, before opening it and walking towards Mike’s room.

Mike had just fallen deeply asleep and had not noticed all the noises on the outside.

“The sky is red.” Hayden pointed outside the window to show Mike.

Mike rubbed his eyes and saw what was happening outside, so he took out his phone to check the news.

“A fire broke out in a residential building in the city center.” Mike yawned. “Something exploded so the fire was spreading wide.”

Hayden stood still after learning what had happened.

Mike noticed that he seemed depressed and tapped him on the shoulder. “Big H, do you miss your mom? I will take you and Layla to Bridgedale in a few days. It’s late now, go back to sleep! By the way, it might look scary out there, but the fire won’t spread to our area, so don’t worry. Go to sleep!”

Hayden hadn’t thought of Avery until Mike mentioned her. He was actually affected by the noises of the ambulance and the light from the fire in the dark night; when he realized that someone might die during the disaster, his heart simply grew heavy.

He had not been this sentimental before, but perhaps Shea’s passing had traumatized his young heart.

The next day, the fire that broke out in the city center in the middle of the night had appeared on the headline because it had occurred in a high-end residential area.

Apart from that, not only did the fire destroy the unit where it first started, it affected all the units on the same floor, along with the floors above and below.

As for the unit where the fire broke out, everything was burnt to ashes except for the load-bearing wall.

Luckily, the people who lived in that unit managed to escape during the explosion, and according to the news, two people were found critically injured.

It was one of the most alarming news stories of the community in recent months, but Mike did not bother to look into it because it was the day for Shea’s funeral.

He woke up early and took the children to breakfast, before rushing to the funeral venue.

Upon arriving, Chad leaned towards him and whispered, “have you seen the news today? That headline about an indoor gas explosion…”

“You mean that incident that took place at three in the morning?”

“Yeah! Do you know whose apartment that is?” Chad asked mysteriously.

Noticing something unusual, Mike asked, “is it someone we know?”

Chad nodded.

Both Hayden and Layla widened their eyes and leaned closer to eavesdrop.

“That’s Chelsea’s brother’s place. She lived there, too. When the explosion happened, she was in there, ” Chad immediately told him, “the siblings barely made it, but both of them suffered rather severe injuries.”

“Is this the gods’ way of punishing them?”

“Not the gods. It’s Mr. Foster.”

Chad didn’t give too many details considering how many people were around them.

Mike nodded. “Let me tell Avery about this.”

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