When His Eyes Opened Chapter 786

Who took the content inside the box?

The truth seemed so close, yet so far. The one thing he could be certain of was that the person who took it was around him.

The car crash took place on the highway outside Starry River Villa, so there was a high chance that the box, or the content inside the box leaked from Starry River Villa, it would be hard to explain why the car crash took place there otherwise.

In the hospital.

Though Chelsea managed to survive, she was suffering excruciating pain because the left side of her face had been burned. The doctor had told her that there would be a scar on her left cheek and it was unsalvageable.

She had been tending to her looks with extra care since she was young, and couldn’t accept the fact that her face was ruined.

It was more devastating than death, but even death didn’t come easy.

“You should realize the reality now, Chelsea! ” Mrs. Tierney sat by the bed and said in a cold voice, ” I told you to stay away from Elliot Foster long ago and you wouldn’t listen. With how you’ve turned out right now, I truly worry for your life from now on.”

Mrs. Tierney was the biological mother of Chelsea and a stepmother to Charlie, but she favored Charlie because the legacy of the Tierney Family rested in Charlie’s hands.

She treated Charlie as though he was his biological son in hope that he would in turn protect her in the future.

“Just forget that you have a daughter like me from now on!” Chelsea said in desperation, “Charlie treats you well anyway. All you need is him.”

“You are still my daughter. Of course, I wouldn’t want you to lead a miserable life.” Mrs. Tierney lowered her gaze. “Your brother broke one of his legs and will be a cripple for the rest of his life.”

“So what, if he’s a cripple? It doesn’t affect his right to inherit the family properties; my face is ruined. There won’t be any rich man out there willing to take me. There’s no way I can find a proper job like the one I had before either,” Chelsea sobbed, “I’m useless. Is this my karma?”

“Chelsea, your self-pitying is very unbecoming.”

Mrs. Tierney scowled. “Your brother will definitely take care of you. No matter how bad it gets, you will have someone to rely on. Don’t act as though the others owe you something. “

“Mom, I really hate you. Do you really not know why I follow Elliot around? It’s because what he gave me was way more than what you and Dad have given me. When I was by his side, you two would never look down on me. Elliot can ensure that I am respected. “

“What gives you the right to be mad at me and your father? Without the Tierney Family, do you really think that you can approach Elliot to begin with?” Mrs. Tierney said sarcastically, “you have such a stubborn and strange character. I wonder who you got that from. I have nothing else to say to you.”

Mrs. Tierney said in contempt, before getting up to leave the room.

If the day she broke all ties with Elliot was the gloomiest day in Chelsea’s life, then today was truly the end to her world.

Fame and money might get her respect from others, but what truly made one feel safe was a healthy body.

How was she supposed to live out the rest of her life?

Mrs. Tierney stepped out of Chelsea’s room and came to Charlie’s.

She was surprised when she saw someone visiting and it happened to be Elliot.

The fruit basket and flowers he brought oozed a strong fragrance.

Mrs. Tierney walked towards him with despair in her eyes. “Mr. Foster, my son’s disabled and my daughter’s face is ruined, are you still not satisfied? How is this different from killing them?”

On the bed, Charlie widened his eyes while tears welled up in them. His lips trembled as though he was trying to say something to Elliot, but in the end, he could only manage to make weird gurgling noises.

“They used to be my friends, and it pains me to see them turn out like this,” Elliot said calmly, “Charlie seems a bit agitated, so I will leave him alone now.”

With that, he strode out of the room.

The reason that he came to visit Charlie was to check his current condition. The content inside of the box was taken and there were only two suspects in his mind: Wanda, or Charlie.

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