When His Eyes Opened Chapter 787

From what he had seen, Charlie couldn’t speak, so he wouldn’t be able to make any command or steal the content of the box.

“Mr. Foster, Chelsea is right next door, would you like to go see her?” The bodyguard asked Elliot, “I heard that her face is ruined. For someone who empathizes beauty so much, a scar on her face would be a living hell for her.”

The bodyguard only mentioned it because he knew that Elliot hated Chelsea.

Elliot had no intention of visiting Chelsea at first, but stopped at the bodyguard’s suggestion, before stepping towards Chelsea’s room and opening the door.

Chelsea glanced over and met his eyes; instantly, her eyes were filled with fear.

She covered her bandages-wrapped face and subconsciously avoided eye contact.

“I thought you ran to another country?” Elliot swallowed hard and mocked sarcastically, “how dare you come back?”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she uttered in despair, “I’m not running anymore, Elliot! Just kill me!”

She moved the blanket away and stepped out of bed, before stumbling her way towards him and kneeled. She grabbed onto the corner of his trousers and said, “I’m ruined, Elliot! My whole life is ruined! Just end it already! I don’t have the courage to end my own life…so just kill me…”

He lowered his glance at her expression and felt somewhat sympathetic at how desperately she longed to die.

“The more you wish you are dead, the more unlikely I am to kill you.” He stared down at her with his cold eyes and shoved her aside. “Live the

rest of your life crawling and struggling like an ant.”

By the time he exited the hospital, the night had fallen over the city, covering it with a mysterious and chilling darkness. The branches whined in the freezing breeze and the snow on them fell onto the ground as they moved.

The driver drove out of the hospital once Elliot was inside the car and asked, “where to, Mr. Foster? “

Elliot remained quiet for a few moments, as he couldn’t decide whether to head home or go to Avery’s mansion.

The car crash had taken place near Starry River Villa and he wanted to know if they were involved in the incident.

When he sent his men to look for Wanda earlier that afternoon, he came to learn that she had already fled overseas; if Wanda was the one who took what was in the box, she wouldn’t have to escape and could directly blackmail him with the content instead. Hence, there was a great chance that Wanda did not possess it.

“Starry River Villa, ” he muttered.

“Understood, Mr. Foster.” The driver turned the car around and drove towards Starry River Villa.

In Starry River Villa, Layla was on a video call with Avery using Mike’s phone.

They would usually converse in a group in most video calls, but today, Layla had sent Mike elsewhere as she wanted to speak to her mother alone.

Hayden, on the other hand, had yet to return home because he hadn’t finished his homework.

Just then, Layla was whispering sweetly to Avery in the living room.

“Mom, I am never going to any of my classmates’ birthday parties again.” Layla’s eyes turned red. “I am not going to whoever’s birthday it is.”

Avery sensed that Layla was acting oddly. “What’s wrong, Darling? Did someone bully you at your classmate’s house today?”

Layla pouted and was about to shake her head when she caught sight of a towering figure from the corner of her eyes.

It was Elliot!

Startled, Layla instantly dropped the phone to the ground.

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