When His Eyes Opened Chapter 800

After seeing the wounds on her face, Chelsea was silent.

Then, she let out a maniacal laugh!

Her right face was still smooth and exquisite, but her left face was mulch. It was as if some parts of it were missing, half of her face was caved in!

Her wound was much uglier than she had imagined! A million times uglier!

Her ego was badly wounded. All the grievance she received in the past was not as great as the harm her wounded face brought to her!

No wonder the brother that loved her the most in the past would suddenly have a change of attitude.

Even her mother, Jeanette, could not help but take a step back after seeing the wound on her face.

“Charlie, you get discharged first!” Jeanette retracted her gaze. She did not want to spend another second longer there. “If she wants to stay in the hospital, let her be! You don’t have to deal with her.”

“Mom, how heartbreaking is it to say this in front of her! Although she is an ugly one right now, I will never forget how pretty she was in the past.” Charlie looked at Jeanette and smiled.

After they left, the doctor cleaned the wound on Chelsea’s face and wrapped it up in bandages once more.

“Miss Tierney, although your face is ruined, you should be glad you’re alive.” The doctor took pity on Chelsea’s situation. “As long as you’re alive, your possibilities are endless. If you’re dead, there is nothing you can do anymore. Beauty is not the

basis of a person’s success.”

Chelsea looked at the doctor coldly. “That’s because the person who got humiliated is not you.”

“How do you know I haven’t been humiliated before?” The doctors said politely, “If you want to discharge, I can prescribe you some medicine. You need to change your bandages three times a day.”

“I want to stay here. I don’t want to go home!”

“You’ll get sick easily if you stay here,” The doctor said, “I advise you to go home and recuperate.”

“Hehe! Fine! I’ll get discharged! Are you happy now! Anyway, I won’t dare to die. I have to face reality sooner or later!” Chelsea flipped the covers aside and got down from the bed.

On the way back in the taxi, Chelsea thought a lot. She used to think that Elliot was mean to her.

However, at that moment, she missed Elliot a lot. Elliot treated her much better than her mother. He was much better than her brother and might look like he loved her, but he was only after her pretty looks.

She was the foolish one for messing it all up.

When she returned home, she was Charlie and their father happily discussing something. Chelsea was stunned.

Charlie’s home was set on fire. His legs were crippled. He should be in pain and depression. How could he still laugh?

“Dad, Charlie, I’m home.” Chelsea walked over to them and interrupted their conversation.

Frank, Chelsea’s father, cast her a condescending glance. He ignored her.

Charlie saw her and his smile vanished. “Didn’t you want to come back? What made you come to your senses? Chelsea, although your life is ruined, all you need to do is to care for our parents. I will surely still feed you.”

Chelsea forced her tears back. She said docilely, “

Charlie, I will listen to Mom and Dad in the future, and you, too.”

“Hmm. Are you wondering why I’m in such a good mood?” Charlie could see what was on her mind through her gaze.

“Charlie, I hope that you can defeat Elliot. If not, what if he bullies us again?” Chelsea lowered her gaze and said worriedly, “This time, my face is ruined, you broke your leg. If there is a next time… “

“There will not be a next time!” Charlie barked fiercely. ” I have gotten a grip on Elliot! If he dares to do anything, I will expose him!”

Chelsea nodded and returned to her room.

In the evening, at Elliot ‘s mansion. After dinner, Elliot received a message on his phone. It was from Mike.

[I’m taking the kids to Bridgedale tonight. Layla told me to send you a text.]

Elliot read the message. His creased brows relaxed. He replied, [Safe travels.]

A while later, Mike sent another message. This time, it was a link.

Elliot tapped on the link that brought him to Tweeter.

A video appeared. In the video, Layla’s face with makeup was dazzling. Elliot played the video and looked at the screen closely.

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