When His Eyes Opened Chapter 801

The reporter asked, “Layla, do you have any New Years’ wishes?”

“I wish to receive a lot of beautiful gifts…”

“Do you have any happy things that happened to you recently?”

“I never had a good relationship with my father previously, but it’s getting better with him. It’s great to have a father.”

Elliot’s eyes were a little wet at that point. He never thought that Layla would mention him in her interview. In her heart, he must be someone important to her already!

The reporter continued, “Is your father in the industry too? Is he here tonight?”

Layla said, “He isn’t in the industry. Our relationship only got better a little, we’re not there yet! I still have to evaluate his performance in the future!”

“Then, what do you hope he does in the future?”

“I have never thought about it, but he has to at least not do things that would make me sad. Also, he can’t do bad things. If not, it would embarrass me.

The video ended there.

Layla’s last sentence rang in his mind for a long time. As her father, he should indeed give his children a positive image. He has to work hard not to embarrass them.

He saved the video and planned to use that to remind himself constantly.

When he headed upstairs, his phone rang. He picked his phone up and saw the incoming call. He instantly furrowed his brows.

How did she dare to call him? He pondered for a few seconds and answered the call because he was curious.

After about more than ten hours of flight, the plane finally landed in Bridgedale.

Mike brought the two children to see Avery.

“Mommy, I have something I need to tell you.” Layla held Avery’s hand with one hand while pointing at the hair clip on her head with another. ” Daddy gave me this as a gift. I have already started calling him Daddy.”

Avery replied, “I know. Uncle Mike told me two days ago.”

“Oh, Mommy, are you angry?”

Avery shook her head. “You call him Daddy because you must have thought that he treats you well.”

“No matter how well he treats me, he won’t treat me as well as you, Mommy. I like you the best, and Hayden. Daddy can only come in third.” Layla immediately pledged her allegiance.

Mike heard what she said and felt troubled. “What about me? Where am I placed?”

“You’re placed in two and a half because you are after Hayden and before Daddy, ” Layla replied seriously.

Mike did not know whether to laugh or cry. After putting the luggage down, Mike went to Avery’s room to have a look at Robert.

He was sleeping soundly.

“Mike, I have surgery after the new year. Can you wait for me to complete the surgery before returning to Aryadelle?” Avery said.

“Of course. Is this surgery on that person with the same condition as Shea?”


“What a coincidence, ” Mike said with a sigh, “I think you’ve said it before that this is a rare disease. It’s not a usual case of mental retardation.”

Avery nodded.

“What do you think about Elliot? ” Mike thought back about what Elliot told him that he had the same condition as Shea when he was young, so he asked Avery, “Do you think his mental capabilities are normal?”

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