When His Eyes Opened Chapter 802

Avery thought that she misheard, so she did not answer this question.

Turns out, Mike did not give up on it. He asked once more.

“Mike, why would you ask this question?” Avery was stumped. “Did he do something that makes him seem that way?”

Mike shook his head. ” I’m not close to him, so I’m asking you.”

“If you’re not close to him, then why would you doubt his intelligence? If someone were to doubt your intelligence, would you be happy?” Although Avery was still giving Elliot the cold shoulder, she would not want to see him be talked down upon.

Mike promised that he would not tell Elliot’s secret, so he tried hard to come up with a reason.

“He and Shea are twins. Shea has the condition, would he have it too?”

“They are fraternal twins. You can treat it as if they are two completely different beings. Their blood types are different too,” Avery explained.

Mike might look like he understood it, but he was still filled with curiosity.

Why was Elliot’s condition cured when he was young? That great doctor not only cured Elliot’s condition completely but there were also no after- effects either.

Elliot could have his achievements at that point, which proved that his intelligence was not only fine, but it was also better than many.

“Did Elliot contact you?” Mike changed the subject. Avery asked, “Why are you asking me this?”

“You two have three children together. Are you planning to just ignore each other forever?” Mike furrowed his brows. “He isn’t angry with Robert anymore. He is mainly angry that you kept the fact that you were treating Shea from him. If you didn’t keep that from him, he would never have treated Zoe as his savior. The other crazy things that happened after that wouldn’t have happened too… “

“Mike, if things could be repeated, I would still do it, ” Avery said calmly, “Tammy said that I was selfish. I am indeed selfish.”

Mike was stunned. “Tammy said that to you?” “She is right. Selfish people usually live better.”

Avery looked at Robert who was sound asleep. ” Now that the children are with me, if Elliot doesn’t come to look for me, he won’t be able to see them. I don’t need to look for him.”

Mike could not help but applaud what she said.

“Don’t wake Robert up.” Avery pulled him out of her room. “Go have some food! Then, rest. We’ll go to the supermarket to get some groceries for New Year’s Eve tomorrow.”

“Okay, will Tammy and her mother come too?”

” I don’t know.” Avery seemed down. “She might not come.”

“Oh, did you two argue? Since you both haven’t reconciled, then just take time to calm down!” Mike said, “The older we get, the more things I realize that aren’t in full black and white.”

“Why are you so perceptive?”

Mike scratched his head and teased, “Because I know a lot of secrets, but I can’t tell you.”

“Do you think I’m going to ask you what they are? I’m not going to do that. I’ll make sure you suffocate to death with your secrets, ” Avery teased.

“Avery! You’re getting meaner!” Mike said loudly, ” No wonder men find you so attractive!”

Avery did not take his words to heart because Mike was not a person who could keep secrets. He always had a strong urge to tell her whatever secrets he found out. He would tell her at the first moment.

At night, after Layla and Hayden had fallen asleep, Avery came out from the children’s room.

Mrs. Cooper was carrying Robert in her arms, standing outside the door of her bedroom.

Avery walked over.

Mrs. Cooper said, “Avery, you have been playing with Hayden and Layla the entire afternoon, I’ll look after Robert tonight.”

“I’m not tired. I can look after him for a while.” Avery took over Robert from Mrs. Cooper. “He’s great. He won’t make a fuss.”

Sometimes, she could put him on the bed with a toy and he would play alone for a long time. Robert did not know how to flip over yet, so she was not worried that he would fall to the ground.

Avery returned to her room with Robert. After putting him on her bed, she went to the shower to fetch some water. She planned to give Robert a bath.

After fetching some water, she returned to her bed and looked at the time on her phone.

A message appeared. It was from Elliot. [Has the kids arrived home safely?]

If it was not necessary, he would not have sent her a message.

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