When His Eyes Opened Chapter 807

Avery was speechless.

Elliot was already in such a drunken state, yet he said that he was not drunk.

“Happy New Year.” Avery furrowed her brows. “Did you make a video call just for this?”

“No.” Elliot’s tone was firm. His thoughts were clear. “Where’s Robert? Can I see him?”

Avery did not expect that Elliot would request that.

“You finally thought about this child?” Avery took a jab. “You don’t blame him anymore?”

Elliot did not retort. He merely responded, “I have never forgotten him.”

He had tried so hard to protect this child with all his might once, how could he have forgotten about him?

“How did you come to terms with the child?” Avery wanted to know his process of coming to terms.

“Even if I killed him, Shea would not come back to life.” His tone was terrifyingly cold, but his eyes still had a shade of an intoxicated daze. “Rather than blaming the small and weak child, I should just blame myself.”

“What use is there blaming yourself? You didn’t force Shea to do so, ” Avery rebutted, “Elliot, don’t you find it exhausting to live like that? I know that losing Shea is a painful thing for you, but if you don’t put it down, none of us can come out of this trauma. “

Her words silenced Elliot for a short while. He looked at her quietly, and so did she.

After a long time, he broke the silence, “Let me see Robert.”

Avery came to her senses and looked at the huge bed. Robert’s eyes were wide open, docilely looking around. He did not cry nor made a fuss. He was a great child.

“Babe, when did you wake up? You did great today! You didn’t even cry!” Avery teased Robert before aiming the camera at him. “Look at who this is?

This is Daddy.”

Elliot looked at Robert’s face on his screen. He had mixed feelings. He knew what Robert looked like. Mrs. Cooper sent him pictures of Robert daily, but it felt different seeing him through a video call.

“He does look like me,” Elliot said after looking at Robert for a while.

Avery could not help but retort, “You don’t look like that when you’re young.”

“You’ve seen how I look when I was young?” Elliot asked.

Avery was stunned. Elliot did not know that she had once entered Shea’s room and seen photos of them when they were little.

At that moment, she accidentally let slip, but she did not plan to lie.

She carried Robert up and pointed the camera at herself. “After Shea’s accident, I once went to your house to see photos of you when you two were little. I did it secretly. It had nothing to do with anyone else.”

Elliot’s face did not have many reactions. “I rarely look at photos of me when I was young.”

“Hmm, how did you spend the day?” Avery saw Elliot sitting in bed alone, she felt an inexplicable loneliness in him.

“Ben and Chad came over to be with me. They are still here.”

“Oh, do you want to see Robert in person?” Avery did not know why she said that. It seemed like an invitation, “You should have about seven days of holiday, right?”

Elliot heard what she said. He was tempted.

His head was no longer dizzy. He sobered up quite a bit too. He even wanted to immediately check on flights. If there were no available flights, he would take a private jet over.

He wanted to be with her. He wanted to be with his children.

However, he could not.

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