When His Eyes Opened Chapter 808

Elliot was afraid that once he saw Avery and the children, he would be too engrossed in the happiness that he would not be able to calmly face the darkness behind him.

He did not want his terrible problems to affect her and the children.

Avery looked at Elliot remaining silent. She could see the complicated gaze he had. She could not read his expressions.

She thought that as long as she took the initiative to invite him and be the first one to admit defeat, he would accept it. However, why was he remaining silent?

What was he thinking about?

“It’s fine if you’re not free.” Avery could not stand such endless silence and speculation, so she said, ” Layla said that you were spending the New Year alone, so I…”

“Do you wish for me to come over?” Elliot interrupted her.

If he rejected her, she would be sad. The thing that he did not want to see the most was her being sad.

Avery blushed at his question. She had already openly invited him, yet he still wanted her to express her opinion once more?

” If you want to come, just come. If not…” Before she could say, “Forget about it, ” Elliot interrupted her.

“I’ll look at tickets.”

Receiving his answer, Avery’s tightly constricted heart relaxed.

“It’s time to feed Robert. I’ll go make his milk, “

Avery said, “I’ll hang up!”

“Hmm.” Elliot was completely sober already.

He knew what he was saying a moment ago. He also knew what he was about to do.

Layla has already accepted him. Hayden was not as resistant to him as before. Avery also did not blame him for getting angry at Robert.

Avery and the children were welcoming him with an open hug. Elliot could not resist such a temptation. Even if it was only a few days of warmness, he has to seize the opportunity.

After booking his flight ticket, he went to shower. A moment later, he dressed up and headed downstairs with a suitcase.

Ben and Chad saw him coming down. They were rather surprised because he looked spirited. Gone was the exhaustion when he first went upstairs.

“Elliot, are you leaving?” Ben walked over to him and sized him up. “You even took a shower and put cologne? I remember that your shower gel doesn’t smell like this.”

Chad nudged Ben with his elbow from behind. “Mr. Foster, are you going far? Are you heading to the airport? I only drank some wine. I’ll send you!”

Elliot rejected Chad. “Both of you reek of alcohol. Please stay further away from me.”

Ben and Chad never thought that they would be despised by him. They were slightly heartbroken.

“It takes more than ten hours to get to Bridgedale. Even if you don’t smell of alcohol, you’ll reek of other smells…” Ben tried to retort.

“You two just continue drinking. I’m leaving, ” Elliot said calmly and left with his suitcase.

Ben saw him leaving. He tutted and sighed. “Look at how arrogant he is! Once he has a woman, he doesn’t see us!”

“Ben, don’t be jealous of him. Although he has a woman in his life, he fights and argues with Avery every few days. They spend barely one-third of the time together in a year,” Chad comforted Ben.

Ben felt much better when he heard what Chad said.

“How could we compare to him? He already has three children. We have none,” Chad said once again.

This time, Ben was thoroughly heartbroken.

At Bridgedale, after Avery fed Robert, her phone screen lit up once again.

She lifted Robert up straight, in case he puked milk out. Using the other hand, she picked up her phone and saw the flight information that Elliot sent her.

In another ten hours or so, he would appear right in front of her.

At that thought, Avery felt the need to inform Mike and the children about this.

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