When His Eyes Opened Chapter 811

At five minutes past midnight, Elliot landed at the airport in Bridgedale.

Mike was at the airport to pick him up. It was not Avery that told him to pick Elliot up, but Chad called him to make sure he picked Elliot up at the airport.

As for where to send Elliot to after picking him up, Chad said that he was to send Elliot back to Avery’s house, to let Avery arrange the next part, so after Mike picked Elliot up, he sent him back home.

At that moment, the bodyguard, servants, and the children have gone to bed. However, Avery was waiting in the living area.

When Mike saw her, he yawned. “I’ve picked him up, I don’t think there is anything I need to do anymore, right?”

Avery ignored him.

Elliot was looking at Avery closely. There was no one else in his view.

Mike felt as if he was nothing at that moment. He felt awkward and aggrieved at the same time. He said, “So, I’ll go back to my room?”

Still, no one responded to him. He slipped back to his room and planned to complain about it to Chad.

In the living area, when Avery saw Elliot carrying his own suitcase, she asked, “You didn’t bring a bodyguard?”

“Hmm. ” He was there to spend the New Year with her and the children, so he got the bodyguard to take a leave too.

He was in Bridgedale, not Aryadelle. He did not know many people there.

Avery’s mind was suddenly in a mess. It was late at night already. She still had to take him to his room, but the room was indeed a little small. It was previously used as a storage room. After all, their house had not housed so many people before.

After Robert’s birth, Avery hired a nanny and a bodyguard, so the house did not have enough space anymore.

During the daytime, she was confident that it would be fine for Elliot to sleep in the small room.

However, once he was there, Avery could not bear to let him sleep in the small room.

“Are you hungry? Mrs. Cooper has prepared some food for you. I’ll go heat them up.” Avery planned to

distract him with a meal so that she could return to her room to take out her daily amenities so that he could sleep in the master bedroom.

However, Elliot shook his head. “I’m not hungry. I’ve eaten on the plane.”

“Oh. It’s late. Let’s put you to bed!” Avery led him to the room worriedly.

Elliot followed behind her, measuring her long hair slender figure up from a close distance.

She was always that thin, as if she would fall if a wind blew by.

Arriving at the master bedroom, she opened the door.

When Elliot noticed that Avery brought him to her room, his handsome face flushed an unnatural tinge of red, making him look rather s*xy.

Was she letting him sleep in her room? Were they going to sleep together?

“Uh…the room is a little messy. Let me tidy up a little.” Avery blushed, quickly entered, and walked over to the side of the bed.

Elliot placed his suitcase down and helped her tidy up too. His hands were longer than hers, so he quickly tidied the things on the bed.

“Avery, are you really planning to let me sleep in your room? ” Elliot gazed at her with his jet-black eyes.

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