When His Eyes Opened Chapter 814

Elliot let out a muffled harrumph. Avery did not know whether it was in response to her, or he was in pain.

There was some shuffling coming from the door.

Elliot looked over to see Mrs. Cooper carrying Robert while Mike carried Layla. Four of them stood outside the door, peeking into the room to check out the situation.

They could actually just enter the room to have a look. Eliot did not know why they had to stand outside the door.

Although it was a little embarrassing that there was a huge bump on his head, it was not that awkward that he did not dare to see anyone.

Avery dressed for his bruise and kept her medical suitcase.

“Go have breakfast. After breakfast, I’ll take you to the hospital,” Avery said. “I’ll head there myself.”

“Are you familiar with the hospital here?” Avery retorted, “I know people. We can go straight to do

the scan. If not, if you wait for the hospital’s procedure, you might not be able to do it today.”

Elliot was speechless.

Although he was rich, he was not at Aryadelle. He also has connections over there, but it was indeed easier to rely on Avery for medical consultations.

Elliot and Avery came out of the room. Everyone’s gaze landed on Elliot’s face.

“Daddy, why did you knock yourself?” Layla looked at Elliot in confusion.

Mike gasped, “Didn’t I tell you the reason already? The room your father is in is too small.”

Layla glanced at the room. “But I don’t find it small at all!”

Mike said, “That’s because your father is much bigger than you. This room is not small for you, but for your father, it’s too small.”

Layla looked at Elliot once more. “Oh, Daddy, you poor thing. But I can’t get you to sleep in my room because Hayden would never agree to it. You can sleep in Uncle Mike’s room though. Uncle Mike‘s room is huge! The bed is huge too! You two can sleep together. It’s not a problem.”

Mike was bewildered.

Elliot’s expressions changed. He immediately said, ” I can sleep in your mother’s room.”

Mike let out a sigh of relief.

Layla looked confused. Then, she said out loud, ” But you two cannot have another child! We don’t have enough rooms at home!”

Elliot ; and Avery were dumbfounded.

Because of what Layla said, Elliot was distracted all during breakfast.

Avery’s mansion was clearly too small already. It was not that Avery did not have the money to change to a bigger mansion. Why did she not move to one?

He could help her buy a new mansion, but Avery would never accept his kindness.

After having her breakfast, Avery saw how hesitant he looked, she immediately said, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

Elliot came to his senses. He chugged the milk in one gulp and went after Avery.

On the way to the hospital, Avery broke the silence. “Don’t take Layla’s words to heart.”

“What did she say?” Elliot did not react in time.

Avery’s face blushed red. She quickly changed the subject. “Are you still in contact with Jun? Why is his number out of service?”

“He did send me his new number. Do you want it?” Elliot said and took his phone out. He found Jun ‘s new number and sent it to her.

“It’s not for me. He suddenly changed numbers, isn’t that a little cruel?”

“Are you standing up for Tammy?” Elliot looked at her. “Am I missing some crucial information?

Wasn’t it Tammy that insisted on a divorce?”

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