When His Eyes Opened Chapter 815

Avery heard Elliot’s tone. It did not sit well with her.

“Elliot, do all men think like you? Why would Tammy want a divorce, don’t you know why? If Tammy doesn’t love him, she doesn’t have to worry about him being pressured by his parents…”

“Avery, if Jun insists on being together with Tammy, no matter who pressures him, this is something that he has thought about and feels that he could bear it. Now, whether it’s Jun changing numbers or him getting married, it’s his freedom.”

The two of them did not argue over their own matter, but they fought because of Jun and Tammy.

However, Avery soon calmed down quickly. She gave Elliot’s words serious thought. After some thinking, she thought that what Elliot said made sense too.

“Why does everyone like to think from their own standpoint and do things that they think are good for the other party when it’s actually not?” Avery lamented.

“Because they think that they are right,” Elliot replied. “This not only applies to Jun and Tammy but us too.”

Avery remained silent. Even if she knew where the problem was, it was still hard to change.

This was not a situation that could be changed by one party alone. Both parties needed to change together.

When they arrived at the hospital, Avery brought Elliot to see a doctor that she knew. The doctor brought Elliot for a CT scan while Avery patiently waited in the office.

About 40 minutes later, the doctor brought Elliot back with the results.

“Avery, your friend’s head is fine.” The doctor passed the results to Avery. “Are you free in the afternoon? I want to buy you a meal.”

Avery looked apologetic. “I’m sorry, I have something on later.”

“Is it important? We haven’t chatted for a long time,” The doctor lamented.

“I have a friend coming over. He just called him and said that he was coming to look for me,” Avery explained, “I’m sorry. I will be in Bridgedale for the time being. I’ll buy you a meal one day.”

“Okay, deal. I’ll wait for your call.”


Coming out of the office, Elliot asked her, “You have a friend coming? What friend?”

“Eric. He is at the airport. “Avery looked at her. ” We’re going to the airport to pick him up.”

Elliot was on guard. “Is he staying at your place too?

“Do I still have a place for him to stay?” Avery was done with Elliot’s imagination. “I’m guessing he is here to give the children gifts.”

” It’s clear what he is up to by trying to please my children, ” Elliot’s cold voice came over.

Upon hearing that, Avery chuckled. “Your head is already so swollen, yet you still have the time to think nonsense. Although you didn’t have a concussion, you still need to rest.”

Elliot pursed his lips and said nothing more.

A moment later, they arrived at the airport and successfully picked Eric up.

Eric was a little surprised when he saw Elliot, but he did not care for Elliot.

Once he got in the car, he took a gift box out and passed it to Avery. “Avery, Happy New Year.”

Elliot was sitting in the passenger seat in front. Looking at the intricate gift box, his eyes were cold.

Avery happily accepted the gift. She opened it and saw a shimmering necklace with precious stones.

“This must be expensive! I’ve already said before to not give me expensive gifts.” Although Avery liked the necklace a lot, she found it too expensive.

She barely finished her sentence when Elliot had already snatched the box over and returned it to Eric.

“Whatever jewelry that she likes, I can buy it for her. She can buy it on her own too. She doesn’t need you to give it to her.” There was undisguised aggression in his tone.

Avery furrowed her brows. Just when she was about to say something, Eric said, “Oh, so other than fighting with her, you would also buy her gifts?”

His calm jabs infuriated Elliot to no end!

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