When His Eyes Opened Chapter 820

Elliot swallowed his saliva and said confusedly, “He was crying just now, so I fed him some milk, but he puked after drinking. Did I do something wrong?”

Avery understood and walked toward him. She looked at Robert. His mouth still had some white foam.

“Babies puke. Once he grows older, he will be fine.”

“But he didn’t puke when you fed him in the afternoon.” Elliot suspected that he did something wrong.

He was not exaggerating, but when Robert finished the entire bottle of milk, he puked almost all of it out, which completely drenched his shirt.

Seeing how sincere Elliot asked her, she analyzed the problem for him. “When you’re making the milk, make sure that you don’t let too much air enter the bottle. After Robert finishes drinking, he must be upright for a while. Sometimes, no matter how you pay attention to it, he will still puke. This isn’t all your fault. He is at the age where he would just puke.”

Elliot let out a sigh of relief. “He puked almost all of the milk out. Will he be hungry? Should I make him another bottle?”

“No need. He isn’t crying, that means he isn’t hungry.” Avery took Robert over from him. She saw his chest covered in milk. “Go take a shower! You reek of puke.”

Not only Elliot, but the entire room reeked of puke.

Elliot went to the bathroom. Avery placed Robert down. She took a wet tissue to wipe his little mouth. Then, she asked tenderly, “Babe, are you happy that your Daddy was carrying you? Your puked scared him! He is not a coward. He cares for you, which is why he wasd7 nervous.”

Avery said while changing Robert’s bib. When Robert had a clean bib, he smiled adorably. At that moment, he knew how to smile. Usually, it was not a laugh. He just smiled quietly.

“Did you smile at your Daddy? If you were to smile at him, he would be extremely happy.” Avery carried Robert.

“He said that he wants to take care of you tonight, but I’m a little worried. I’m not worried that he wouldn’t do a good job. It’s just that he hurt his head today…”

Just when Avery said her worries out loud, a knock came from the door. Avery, with Robert in her arms, walked over to the door and opened it.

“Avery, let me take care of Robert tonight!” Mrs. Cooper said, “Isn’t Mr. Foster hurt? I’m afraid that Robert will disturb his rest.”

Robert needed to be fed every two to three hours. Even if Avery were to take care of him, it would surely wake Elliot up too.

Avery did not give it much thought. She passed Robert to Mrs. Cooper. “He just drank milk, but he puked a lot.”

“Okay. Rest well.” Mrs. Cooper helped Avery close the door.

When Elliot came out of his shower, he saw Avery lying in bed on her phone and Robert nowhere to be found. Thus, he asked, “Where’s Robert?”

“Mrs. Cooper took him away. She’s afraid that Robert will disturb you.” Avery put her phone down and looked at him. She suddenly blushed. “Why are you not wearing clothes again?”

“I didn’t bring my pajamas.” Elliot walked over to the side of his bed and sat down. “I didn’t want to sleep on the same bed with you wearing another man’s pajamas.”

Avery was speechless.

“Do you have any water-resistant bandages?” Elliot asked seriously. “I want to wash my hair.”

“You can do it at the hairdressers,” Avery suggested, “I’ll take you there tomorrow. It’s late. Go to bed!”

She did not nap in the afternoon, so she was extremely sleepy at that moment.

Elliot raised his hand to switch off the light and laid down next to her.

“Avery, hire another nanny!” Elliot did not want to tell her that when he was showering, he realized that his arms were a little sore.

He only started taking care of Robert in the evening for a few hours. How did Avery do it every day?”

He works out all year long. His body was quite fit but taking care of children was different than working out. One would not constantly lift weights in the gym but taking care of children requires carrying them for a long time. No matter how small the child was, they would be at least five kilograms.

“I plan to do so too, but I’ll think about it when I return to Aryadelle.” Avery’s voice got gradually softer as if she was almost falling asleep.

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