When His Eyes Opened Chapter 821

“You just need to oversee the children, you don’t need to do it all on your own,” Elliot said before she fell asleep. He asked, “How is your recovery?” Avery had a cesarean section. Compared to natural birth, it was much more damaging to the body.

Avery was suddenly awake due to Elliot’s concerns. Why was he suddenly concerned about her recovery? Asking this at that moment was hard to not let overthink. “Women can’t have s*x within three months of giving birth. This is common knowledge.” Avery’s tone tightened.

“What nonsense are you thinking?” Elliot’s breathing turned heavy. He said in a low voice,” I’m asking you how your recovery is. I never said anything about sleeping with you.” Avery let out a sigh of relief. “It’s going well!”

Her nonchalant answer made him turn the lights on. Seeing the room lights turned on. It pierced her eyes. “What are you doing? Are you not tired because you slept in the afternoon? If you’re not tired…”

Elliot sat up and flipped her covers aside. He quickly lifted her shirt up, trying to have a look at her scar.

“Elliot! What the hell are you doing!” she slapped his arms. However, Elliot was not bothered by it. After having looked at her scars, he tucked her back in bed.

“Avery, you need at least four nannies.” He wanted to take it easier.

Avery did not know why but she thought back about what Tammy said before, so she teased,” Why not ten instead? Two nannies for each child, one to cook, two to clean the house, and one more to take care of me.” Elliot thought for a while before nodding. “You do need ten.”

Avery was speechless. He could not see that she was joking! If she did not clarify that she was joking, Avery felt that Elliot might hire ten nannies the next day.

“Hayden doesn’t need a nanny, and neither does Layla…” “Then, at least six nannies,” Elliot said, “You only have two at home. How is that enough?” “My God! I can’t fit so many nannies at home.” Avery was initially extremely sleepy, but when she started talking about that, her head hurt. “I know, you would surely say to change to a bigger house, but I don’t want to. I picked this place together with my mother.” “The cleaning and cooking nanny doesn’t need to stay at home. Don’t you have an extra small room? i’ll call Mrs. Scarlet right now to get her to take a plane over.”

Avery wase9 speechless. “Whatever, after all, she’s your staff.”

Elliot made the call and turned off the lights. He laid down next toe6 her. “Elliot, you’re really noisy. You’re much noisier than a child.” Avery took a jab at him, “If I were sleeping with Robert, I would be asleep by now already.”

Elliot looked at the ceiling. He said, “I’ve slept in the afternoon. I’m not tired right now.”

“Then, don’t disturb me.” “Hmm, go to bed.”

Although Elliot no longer disturbed her, Avery still could not sleep. After all, there was another person on the bed. She felt rather restricted. “Elliot, when are you leaving?” Avery broke the silence. Elliot turned toward his side facing her. He saw her in the dark. “I just came and you’re hoping for me to leave already?”

“Can you stop thinking negatively? I’m asking you when you are returning to Aryadelle, I’m not chasing you away.”

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