When His Eyes Opened Chapter 822

Elliot’s breathing was a little heavy as if he was thinking about this question. “A few days later.” If Avery did not ask him about this, he never thought about it.

“Oh…if you can’t sleep, you could go out.” Avery was afraid that Elliot would be bored. “If you find it boring to go out alone, you can take Mike with you.”

“Do you think we get along well with each other?” Elliot sneered and asked, “Aren’t you tired? Am I disturbing you?” Avery took a deep breath. “I am very sleepy, but at the thought that you’re next to me…”

“Do you want me to leave?” Elliot did not want to disturb her rest. “Where could you go?” Avery muttered softly, “It’s not entirely because you’re next to me that’s why I can’t sleep.

I feel that we have conflicts that are not resolved yet, but I can’t pinpoint it.”

“Avery, if you keep thinking of unhappy things, you won’t be able to sleep tonight.” Elliot patted her on the shoulders. “Flip over.”

“What are you doing?” Avery did not understand but she still flipped over obediently. “Don’t think about anything, just close your eyes.” He placed his huge palms on her lower back.

He started gently massaging her.

He heard that after birth, a woman’s lower back would be extremely sore. He could not bear her pain on his behalf, so he could only help her relieve it. His warm fingers were like magic.

It released all of her tensions. She felt as if she was floating on clouds. Her body never felt that relaxed.

Avery wanted to ask Elliot who did he learn that from but because she was too comfortable, she forgot to ask. Soon after, she slept soundly.

After she slept, Elliot cuddled her in his arms. He longed for her familiar smell.

He missed her soft body and mesmerizing smile. Even if she was sometimes overbearing, he wanted to be with her.

In the other room, Mike was on a video call with Chad.

“I’m suspecting that your boss is using himself to gain pity!” Mike leaned back on the chair and analyzed enthusiastically, “Do you call his injuries serious? But he didn’t bleed.

But it’s not light either, he had such a huge bump! Whenever say his injuries, she immediately allowed him to sleep in the master bedroom.

Tsk, what a manipulative man!” Chad adjusted his glasses.

“Can you stop having prejudices against Mr. Foster with your dirty mind? Isn’t it good that they reconciled? Don’t spoil it.”

“Do you think I’ll dare to do anything? Even if it’s not because of you, I won’t dare to do anything! Avery better not care for him too much!”

Mike said sourly, “I don’t want to talk about them anymore! Let’s talk about you! Did your parents urge you to get married?”

“What do you think?” Chad has a little girl in his arms. The little girl was about two years old. She looked at Mike on the screen with her big eyes, silently. “Not only marriage. They are also demanding I have children. This is my cousin’s daughter. Cute, right?”

“Get your parents to give birth to another one then!” Mike teased, “No matter what, you’re mine.”

“Are you nuts? If I were to tell my parents that, they would break my legs,” Chad suddenly said agitatedly. The little toddler in his arms was frightened by him. She started crying. Chad immediately placed the phone down. He brought her along to look for snacks and toys.

clearly what was going on on the other end of the line. “Chad, pass me the child! Didn’t I say that I wanted to introduce a girlfriend to you? I brought that girl over! Go and see her!” A woman’s voice came over.

Chad refused. “There’s no need…”

“What do you mean no need? She has already come over! You’re just too shy!” Mike’s expression sank. Chad that coward. If he did not dare to announce their relationship, he would do it himself! “The next day, during breakfast, Elliot told Avery about Mike returning to Aryadelle.

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