When His Eyes Opened Chapter 824

Chelsea was of course happy. This was the happiest thing that happened to her after her discharge from the hospital.

However, other than being happy, she was also hurt on the inside. That was because Charlie would openly tell her the reason for doing so.

Chelsea has been the high and mighty spoiled princess for most of her life. Now that her face has been ruined, she was worthless to Charlie! No, not completely worthless. Charlie could use her to humiliate Elliot.

Elliot had such a respected status. Charlie made him openly marry Chelsea so that everyone would know that Elliot had married an ugly woman that even an ordinary man would not want to!

Chelsea hated Charlie a lot! She hated him to the bones!

“Chelsea, you are nothing but a chess piece right now. If you want a good life, I

can give it to you, but you must obey me,”

Charlie warned her, if you dare to betray me, I’ll kill you mercilessly. Your face is just too disgusting! Even if I don’t look at you, you’ll appear in my dreams, disgusting me.”

Chelsea’s lips quivered. With her temper in the past, she would have slapped Charlie and scolded him before leaving the house However, with her current condition, where could she go if she left home?

“Charlie, I know how ugly I am right now.

I also know I am not worth much. I’m just helping you to disgust Elliot….” Chelsea said self-deprecatingly with a bitter smile.

“Chelsea, you’re wrong. Not only that, but you also must spy on his every move. You must honestly report to me his every move. My goal is not just trading you in as the bride!”

Chelsea nodded obediently, “Charlie, don’t worry. With my looks now, Elliot will never love me. I can only rely on our family. We are in the same boat. I will never betray you.”

Charlie especially liked how docile she was. At the same time, he felt rather a pity.

“Chelsea, how good would it be if you were that obedient in the past.” Charlie sighed. “Too bad! Your face!”

At Bridgedale’s Disnayland.

Layla always wanted to see the fireworks, so Avery suggested that they went to see the fireworks show. Due to a huge crowd in the theme park, Elliot had been carrying Layla all the way.

At night, the crowd was even more!

Avery was pushed by someone. Elliot immediately reached his hand out and grabbed her hand tightly.

Avery felt how sweaty his palms were. She looked at his determined-looking side profile. “You’ve been carrying Layla all this while. It’s tiring, right?”

“I’m fine. There are so many people here. She can see better if I carry her,” Elliot said relaxedly.

If he did not carry Layla, Layla’s gaze

would be blocked by the adults.

“Daddy! Put me on your shoulders! Look at the girl in front of us! She’s sitting on her Daddy’s shoulders! I want you to put me on your shoulders!” Layla pointed at a father daughter duo in front and said enviously.

Elliot did not even give it any thought before putting Layla on his shoulders.

Layla yelled excitedly, “Daddy! I’m so tall!

I’m taller than her! Hahaha! Will you take me out to play again next time?”

“Sure.” Elliot smiled brightly and agreed to his daughter’s request.

Avery saw this heart-warming scene. She could not help but take her phone out and capture this beautiful scene forever. The moment she took the photo, bright fireworks tore through the skies!

Instantly, there were cheers all around!

Everyone cheered happily!

“Mommy, mommy! Look! Such beautiful fireworks!” Layla yelled.


“Daddy, did you see it!”

“I saw it too.” Elliot smiled joyfully. If time could stop at this moment forever, he would not have any regrets about it.

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