When His Eyes Opened Chapter 825

In one of the small towns of Aryadelle. Mike’s sudden appearance caught Chad off guard! Mike brought over a bunch of expensive gifts. He greeted Chad’s parents enthusiastically.

They also passionately hosted him. After exchanging greetings, Chad got Mike to immediately leave, but Mike refused.

“Is that woman that you’re on a blind date with still here?” Mike said nosily, “How dare you go on a blind date while I’m not around!”

Chad said condescendingly, “You came all the way here because of that? How lame! We only met for a while then we left! I did not even ask her for her contact!”

“Who’s the lame one? When are you going to come clean to your parents! Look at how cowardly you are! I’ll help you do it!” “F*ck! My mom has high blood pressure! I told you about this before!” Chad could not get Mike to leave, so he could only push him into his room.

“I know your mother has high blood pressure, but this can’t be cured. Are you just going to lie to them forever?” Mike raised his eyebrows. “I know you can’t tell them, so don’t you stop me.

Chad took a deep breath and decided to let Mike have a go. If he did not come clean to his parents, his parents would keep urging him to get married and have children.

Previously, he thought that he could just go down this path until Mike appeared in his life, then only he realized that life could be different.

During dinner, Mike sat next to Garrett, Chad’s father. They were drinking like buddies. Chad’s relatives were all-praise for Mike.

They thought that he was not only good-looking, but he was also so affectionate and friendly. It was rare to have such a person. “Chad, is your foreigner friend married? Does he have a girlfriend?” Tanya, Chad’s mother, asked her son.

Chad was a little stunned. He did not know how to answer his mother’s questions. Just when he was hesitating about how to answer, Mike placed his wine glass down and said to Tanya, “Aunt Tanya, I don’t have a girlfriend.

I only have a boyfriend.” The lively atmosphere immediately came to a halt!

Chad found his mouth gone dry. He picked his glass of water up and took a sip.

Once they understood what Mike meant, they chuckled and said, “Aunt Tanya, what he is saying is he swings for the other team. Young people nowadays are different from the older generation…” Tanya responded, “Oh.” She was still a little concerned, so she asked, “Why didn’t you bring your boyfriend over?”

Chad suddenly coughed violently. He was trying to remind Mike to stop talking, if not his mother might not take it. However, Mike ignored him.

Mike took the bottle of beverage and poured some for Tanya. He smiled and said, “My boyfriend is sitting next to you!” The atmosphere was much more terrifying than they expected!

Garrett coughed violently and all the other relatives looked at Chad. Chad immediately covered his face with his hands.

He did not know how to deal with them. The next second, Garrett stood up and picked up a broom!

Mike noticed that things were off. He immediately grabbed Chad and ran away! “Why is your father so rough!” While talking, Mike has already fished for his car keys and unlocked the door.

“My dad has always been that way! Did you think I was joking when I saw he would break my legs!”

Once the car doors were unlocked, they immediately got in the car. The car sped off! Chad wanted to look back but did not dare to do so.

“Mike, it’s all your fault! I don’t think I can return home ever again.” Chad looked up and took a deep breath. He was in pain.

“Not necessarily. Your parents might not come to terms with it yet, but it would be better soon,” Mike comforted him, “You’re such a brilliant son. How could they not want you.” Chad’s phone rang right at that moment.

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