When His Eyes Opened Chapter 827

Having a desk in her bedroom, Elliot guessed that Avery must have spent countless nights there. Her desk was clean and tidy.

Her documents were placed in folders.

There was only a laptop on her desk Elliot wanted to know what Avery was currently busy on, so he casually took a brown envelope out from her folder.

The brown envelope wrote ‘Case Files’.

He slowly opened it and took a stack of documents out. “Elliot…” Avery’s gentle voice suddenly rang out from behind. “What are you doing?” She suddenly woke up and saw a blurry figure standing by her desk.

She thought she was hallucinating, so she looked closer at it for a while. After making sure she was not in a dream, Avery sat up.

Elliot quickly placed the brown envelope back into its original place. “Don’t you have a study room?” Elliot quickly collected his thoughts and walked over to her.” I noticed you placed a study desk here.” Avery rubbed her eyes.

“I do have a study room, but I prefer to stay in the bedroom. I could lie down and rest once I’m tired.” “Did I wake you up?” Elliot said apologetically and explained, “I was on a call with Mike. He said that Chad’s mother had passed out.” “That serious?”

Avery took a deep breath. She tugged on Elliot’s arm and asked further,” What happened?” “Chad’s mother has high blood pressure. She has been admitted to the hospital before.”

“Mike is too impulsive! I’m going to call him now!” Avery’s chest was heaving. She turned around and took her phone. Elliot pulled her back.

“Are you going to call him just to reprimand him? No need. This is their affair. They will settle it on their own.” “I’m asking him not to be so impulsive in theed future.” “Things have already happened. It’s pointless for you to say anything right now.

Also, sometimes being impulsive is not a bad thing,” Elliot said, “Knowing Chad, he will never tell his parents about this.”

Avery suddenly felt helpless. She wanted to help but did not know how to do so. Just like Elliot said. This was their matter.

Only they could solve it. “Do you think when we fight, they feel that way too? Like they want to help but they can’t do anything about it.” She smiled helplessly.

“Elliot, you carried Layla the entire day, you must be exhausted! She’s much heavier than Robert.”

| Emot could not lie to her, so he told her honestly, “Yes, but I’m very happy.” “If this goes on, you’re going to spoil her rotten.” Avery blushed a little and said, “I just had a dream.

More accurately, a nightmare. I was woken up by the nightmare.” “What is it?” He noticed the sweat on her forehead, so he went to pour a glass of water for her.

“I dreamed that you asked Hayden for forgiveness. Hayden demanded a request. He said that as long as you agree to it, he will forgive you,” Avery recounted her nightmare to Elliot.

Elliot’s back tensed. He asked hoarsely, “What did he ask for?” If it was real, no matter what Hayden ask for, he would agree to it.

“Hahaha! If I mention it, you won’t think that it’s a nightmare anymore.” Avery chuckled. “He asked you to stretch your neck out so he could strangle you.

Hayden would indeed do such a thing.” Seeing how brightly she smiled. Elliot brought the glass of water to her and replied, “Then, I’ll strangle him tomorrow?” “I’m teasing you!”

Avery accepted the glass of water and took a sip. “Don’t worry so much about Hayden. If you’re as great as today, he will come to accept you sooner or later.” Elliot was in a daze. “What if I can’t?”

“Hmm?” Avery was stunned.

“What I mean is I’ll be busy after this,” Elliot explained. He swallowed his saliva.

“When you go back to work, the children have to go back to school too!”

As long as you can be like how you were today when you are with the children.”

Avery returned the glass to him. “You can do it, right?”.

Elliot’s words were stuck in his throat. He nonchalantly changed the subject. “It’s late. Let’s go to bed! I’ll hug you to sleep, you won’t have nightmares that way.”

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