When His Eyes Opened Chapter 828

Avery was a little stunned.

Elliot did not reply to her question?

When Elliot reached his arm over, about to hug her, she pushed him away. “Why didn’t you answer my question? Can you do it or not? If you can’t, don’t hug me.”

The request she made was not at all too much to ask for.

All she asked was that he spends more time with the children whenever he was free. If she could do it, why could he not? If he could not do such a simple thing, he should not have children at all.

“They are my children.

Of course, I’m willing to do anything for them.” Elliot hugged her around the waist tightly. “Your questions made me feel guilty.”

Hearing his explanations, Avery let out a sigh of relief.

“Elliot, next time when I ask you a question, no matter what question is it, you have to answer me.” Avery looked at him seriously. “If you don’t, my mind goes wild. To others, I can be calm and logical, but to you, I lose control of my emotions easily.”

“Hmm.” Elliot did not dare to look her in the eyes. He reached out and was about to switch off the lights.

“Elliot, look at me.” Avery held his face with both hands, forcing him to look at her. “Why are you being shifty?

You didn’t do anything bad, why don’t you dare to look at me?” Elliot’s body temperature suddenly shot up. His breathing turned heavy. “Avery, don’t flirt with me at night.”

Avery was speechless. She pulled her covers over her head!

How awkward!

She thought that he could not sleep because there was something on his mind. She also thought that because he was not answering her questions and his eyes were shifty, he must have done something.

Turns out, he was just thinking about a different matter. Looking at her covering herself with the covers, Elliot chuckled gently.

After switching the lights off, he pulled the covers off her head. “Don’t suffocate yourself.” “I think you’re the one suffocating!”

Avery retorted, le blushing. After switching off the lights, they could not see each other’s face clearly, only the outline of it, so Avery could boldly stare at his face, even if she could not see it clearly.

Elliot climbed on top of her and whispered in her eyes. “I am indeed suffocating from love.

Help me out?”

Avery’s ears turned hot. She wanted to push him away, but his kiss landed on her.

Instantly, the energy in her was depleted! She stopped resisting pushing him away. A few seconds later, he hugged his fit body tightly!

The next morning, when Avery woke up, she saw Elliot pacing around with Robert in hisd3 hands. The morning glow landed on father and son, making it seem very heartwarming. Avery thought she was dreaming, so she silently lay there and watch. When Elliot saw her face, he shattered her illusion. “You’re up? What are you thinking?”

Avery instantly came to her senses. “Why are you carrying Robert?”.

“Tammy is here.” He walked over to her and sat down. “I think she wouldn’t want to see me, so I better not make her angry.”

“Oh. What time is it now?” She looked out and the sun was piercing. It did not seem like early morning Elliot looked at his wrist and saw the time. “Eleven. Those that don’t know might think that we went a little too hard last night.”

Avery lifted the covers and said, “Don’t talk about such adult topics in front of our baby.” “It’s not like he understands.”

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