When His Eyes Opened Chapter 829

“Even if he doesn’t understand, won’t you be shy?”

“If I’m shy, would he be born?” His retort made Avery blush.

She put on her clothes and quickly entered the washroom. Downstairs, Tammy and Layla were munching on snacks and chatting.

“Does your father not want me around? After I have arrived, he doesn’t even come out,” Tammy teased. Layla immediately shook her head.

“Of course, Daddy welcomes you. He must be in Mommy’s room watching her sleep!” Tammy said, “What is there to see? Won’t he be afraid that he would wake your Mommy up?” Layla scratched her head, trying to think of a retort for Elliot.

At that moment, Avery walked over.

“Tammy, since when did you come? I had too much fun last night, so I overslept.”

She walked over to Tammy and explained. “All you did was just see fireworks. Why are you so tired?” Tammy looked at her interestingly.

“What’s going on with Elliot? Why is he avoiding me?”

“He said that he was afraid you might be unhappy seeing him, so he’s in the room taking care of Robert,” Avery said softly, “I don’t know what he is thinking.”

“Hehe, I know what he is worried about.” Tammy smiled rather tensely. “I heard that Jun had a blind date.

The woman is much better than me. Not only is her family richer than mine, but she looks elegant too…” Avery’s expression was plastered on her face.

“So quick? Didn’t he cut ties with his family? Since when did he reconciled with them?”

“After our last fight, he went back home to reconcile with his parents. He should thank me. If it were not for me, do you think he would come to his senses so quickly? If he doesn’t come to his senses, would he have such a great fiancee?”

Tammy has made up intricately that day. Although her tone was rather sour, no one could see how upset she was from her expression.

“Fiancee? He is going to marry this woman?” Avery found it progressing too quickly. She could not keep up.

“Hmm. They even set the date already.” Tammy smiled and said, “This is the first time since I knew Jun that he does things efficiently.

It’s an improvement! A good thing!” Avery looked at Tammy’s forced smile. She felt terrible. Other people might not understand Tammy, but Avery knew Tammy very well.

How could Tammy let go of Jun? Seeing Jun getting married to another woman, she must be in so much pain!

However, it was better to rip the band-aid quickly. Now that Jun was going to get married to another woman, this would let Tammy give up completely too.

After a while, Tammy might be able to start her new life as well.

“Get your man to come out! It’s lunchtime ! Don’t stop him from eating just because of me. Jun and I have completely ended things.” Tammy drank a cup of water and said to Avery.

Avery immediately got up and went to her room to call Elliot out. During lunch, the atmosphere was rather awkward. The two children understood this.

They quickly left the dining table after they finished their meal. Avery looked at Elliot, then looked at Tammy. “Are you guys just going to stay silent? Don’t you find it strange?” Avery broke the silence.” Elliot, why didn’t you tell me that Jun was getting married?”

“Do you want to attend his wedding?” Elliot asked in retort, “I thought that you wouldn’t be interested in it, so I didn’t tell you.”

Avery said, “Of course, I won’t attend his wedding.” “Avery, attend his wedding.” Tammy put down her utensils. “If he invited me, I would definitely go.

But because he didn’t invite me, you should go on my behalf!” Avery looked awkward. “Why should I attend? I do not want to wish him happiness.”

Avery paused for a while before explaining, “Let’s swap roles for a while.

If Elliot were to get married to another woman, could you calmly wish her?” Avery’s words made Elliot suddenly cough violently!

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