When His Eyes Opened Chapter 830

Mrs. Scarlet immediately brought some water for him. Avery reached out to pat Elliot on the back.

“Eat slower. Did you choke?”

Tammy looked at Elliot suspiciously. She found him strange. Her woman’s sixth sense tells her to ask him, “Elliot, I find you shifty.

Did you connect fun with his fiancee?” When Tammy asked this, Avery immediately retracted her hands from Elliot’s back.

Elliot was halfway drinking water, because of this question, he was forced to stop. He forcefully swallowed and denied, “No… I do not know his fiancee.”

“Oh, then why are you so worked up?” Tammy harrumphed and looked at Avery. “If Elliot were to get married to another woman, of course, I won’t be calm! It would be respectful enough of me to not crash his wedding!”

Avery nodded, “I know, so I don’t think I could also see Jun getting married to another woman. Tammy, forgive me!”

“Jun and Elliot are different,” Tammy said, “I was the one that dumped Jun, which was why he got married to another woman. I don’t blame him. You and Elliot are different.”

“How is it different? Every time I break up with him, I was the one that called it.” Although it was a little embarrassing discussing this in front of Elliot, her relationship with Elliot was
quite good at that moment, so she did not mind.

“Hahaha! You two have children! If Jun and I had children, there would be no other woman!” Tammy almost laughed in tears. “No matter how badly you guys fight, if he were to get married to another woman, he is the dirtbag!

Unless you get married to another man before him, then only he can get married to another woman.”

Elliot downed the remaining glass of water.

He has already calmed down. From their conversation, he could already guess how big of a sensation this would cause when his marriage to Chelsea was announced.

“Why are you not eating?” Avery looked at him holding onto his glass.

He seemed to be listening to them chatting attentively. She reminded him, “You have finished your food!” “Hmm.” Elliot placed his glass down and picked up his utensils once again.

Mrs. Scarlet came over and asked, “Mr. Foster, should I get you another plate?” Elliot shook his head. “No need.” “Tammy and I didn’t bad mouth Jun, right?” Avery asked confusedly, “You seem distracted.

Tammy looked at him. “Don’t tell me you were the one who put the idea in Jun’s head, asking him to look for another woman to marry?” Elliot looked at her and enunciated, “I am never interested in another person’s personal matters Whether he wants to get married to another woman or become a priest, it has nothing to do with me.”

His cold gaze and tone made Tammy swallow her saliva.

Tammy is only asking casually, you don’t have to take it seriously,” Avery said and looked at Tammy, “When is their wedding? Why are you asking me to attend?” “First of April.”

Tammy lowered her gaze and said, “I wondered who picked the date. First of April, April Fools.” Avery looked at the calendar on her phone. It was soon the first of April.

It was a little rushed for wedding preparation. Jun’s wedding was rather rushed.

The first of April was not a holiday. It would make more sense to set it for the first of May.

That meant that Jun was into the wedding. He only agreed to get married because he wanted to infuriate Tammy, or perhaps his parents pressured him to do so.

In the afternoon, Tammy left. Avery found it boring staying at home, so he got Elliot to go out for a walk.

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