When His Eyes Opened Chapter 832

Avery looked at the shimmery diamond ring on her hand. Her eyes turned wet. She could not control her emotions. She ran into his arms and hugged him tightly.

“Since when did you buy the ring? We have been together every day. I didn’t realize that you prepared a gift beforehand.”

Avery thought that he did not know that it was Valentine’s Day that day. From morning until the moment that she reminded him that it was Valentine’s Day, he did not look strange or behave out of the ordinary.

“When I bought the necklace for you, I had a look at the rings too,” Elliot explained, “It’s hard to not know what today is.”

A few days ago, Valentine‘s Day promotions started taking place. This morning, all news regarding Valentine’s Day was pushed to his phone.

“If I didn‘t mention Valentine’s Day just now when were you planning to give me the ring?” Avery let go of him. She looked at his handsome face with reddened eyes. Elliot looked at her affectionately.

He said in a hoarse voice, “I know that you will remind me. I have been waiting for it since the afternoon when you saw your calendar.” Avery laughed, but she was a little angry too.

“Can‘t you be more proactive! Must you wait until I mention it!”

“I took the initiative to put the ring on your finger. Doesn‘t that count?” He held her hand in his palms. “Avery, what’s next?”

Avery looked at the people on the streets with happiness on their faces. She smiled and said, ” Just like that. We‘ll take a walk.”

She wanted everyone on the streets to see her wearing a ring with a rose bouquet in her arms, also holding onto the man she loved the most.

She wanted to tell the world that she was the world’s happiest woman.

In Aryadelle, Chad transferred his mother to the best hospital for treatment. After Ben received the news, he immediately came to the hospital to visit Tanya.

Tanya has already come around, but she was not in a good mental state.

“Ben. Why did my son turn out this way?” Tanya said with tears in her eyes. “Does his boss know about this? I want to look for Elliot to demand an explanation!”

Chad stood next to her. He wanted to explain it to her, but Tanya refused to listen to him. He was afraid that he would be too agitated and spoke out of line, only deteriorating Tanya’sed condition.

Ben gave him a look, asking him to not speak Chad turned around and took a deep breath. Ben held Tanya’s hands and comforted her, “Aunt Tanya, this is Chad’s private matter.

Although Elliot is his boss, he could only deal with matters of work.”

“Chad has told me all about it! That Mike works for Avery Tate. You don’t have to tell me about Avery’s relationship with Elliot. My son turned out this way, Elliot has to take responsibility!”

Tanya pushed Ben’s hands away. Ben said, “What do you want Elliot to do? To split Chad and Mike apart? Aunt Tanya, are you not afraid that Chad would hate you?”

Tanya sneered. “I never said that he can’t like men. There are so many men in this world.

Why did he have to pick a foreigner? That man doesn’t look like he is serious. If Chad were to pick you, I wouldn’t be that angry!”

Ben was bewildered. He never thought that he would be involved in this. Chad was baffled too! How could her mother say such strange and absurd things?” Just when Chad and Ben were so stunned, they were at a loss for words, Tanya said something even more shocking, “If Chad were to be with Elliot, maybe I would even praise him for his abilities to bag him!”

Chad did not dare to cover Tanya’s mouth, so he could only pull Ben away from the ward.

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