When His Eyes Opened Chapter 834

Ben drew a sharp breath.

He held back his anger, grabbed onto Chelsea’s collar, and roared, “Chelsea Tierney! What the h*11 are you talking about?! Why would Elliot marry you? He’s with Avery now! If he had to marry anyone, it would be her!” Chelsea let out a light chuckle.

“I know he‘s with Avery. They have children to take care of, after all. I don‘t mind. If I can‘t have his heart, I’d be more than happy to have his body.”

Ben laughed coldly, released his grip on her, then said, “You must have been traumatized from getting disfigured. You’re delusional! If Elliot really wanted to marry you, why wouldn’t I know about something that important?”

“It’s not like you’re the one he’s marrying. Isn’t it normal for you not to know?” Chelsea placed her empty glass on the table as she remained calm and said, “I’m only telling you about this because I see you as a friend, Ben. I know you don’t want to be my friend, but to me, you’re the most important…”

“Shut up!” Ben cut her off. “Are you telling me all of this to try to move me, or are you thinking of using me once again?” Chelsea shook her head with a smile, then said, “I won‘t use you, nor am I trying to move you.

After I was disfigured, I practically have no friends by my side anymore. My family is also disappointed in me and think I’m an embarrassment to the Tierney name. You’re the only one I had the courage to meet, because I know you wouldn’t mock or provoke me.”

“It’s true that I won’t kick you while you’re down. However, if you say you want to marry Elliot, the little sympathy I have left for you will be gone!”

“I‘m not crazy, Ben.” Chelsea gazed at Ben’s face and said calmly, “I bet Elliot is very happy with Avery right now. Don‘t tell them about this and ruin their mood. I’ll let them enjoy their bliss for a few more days!”

“Oh, you‘re not crazy. I’m the crazy one, or maybe Elliot is!” “You wouldn‘t be this emotional if I wasn‘t disfigured, would you? You used to say that I‘m worthy of only the best of men. You even said that Elliot and I were a good match.” Chelsea laughed bitterly. “Now that I‘m disfigured, you don‘t think I‘m worthy of him anymore.”

“Do you really think your face has anything to do with it, Chelsea? If Avery was the one who was disfigured, I would still think that she‘s a better match for Elliot! Your d*mned face has nothing to do with it!” Ben yelled furiously.

“You were cruel and vindictive, and this is your retribution! Even if you really married Elliot, I still wouldn‘t respect you, let alone be your friend!”

Chelsea remained silent as her eyes filled with tears.

Since she was disfigured, Charlie would use the most cruel words to insult her every day. However, she had never shed tears in front of him.

She felt that the weaker she came across, the more brutal Charlie’s persecution would become.

“Keep me company, Ben! I‘m so lonely.” Chelsea took a seat on the couch, then hung her head and sobs, “I know I’ve done a lot of unforgivable things, but there are worse people in the world. They’re all around me. They‘re still living their best lives, so I can’t die.”

Her shrill wails gave Ben a splitting headache.

He wanted to leave, but his feet felt heavy and would not move.

He wanted to call Elliot to ask what was going on, but Chelsea’s warning was still fresh on his mind.

He could sit here for a while and ponder if he wanted to wait and see if what she said would turn out to be true three days later.

Meanwhile, Elliot had trouble sleeping again in Bridgedale. He spent the entire afternoon out with Avery that day. Logically, using up all of that energy should make it easier for him to fall asleep.

However, no matter how many times he shut his eyes and forced himself to fall asleep, it made him feel more awake than before.

He was afraid of waking Avery, so he stayed still the entire time. During the night, Avery turned over and threw her arm over Elliot in her drowsiness.

She was shocked to find that his body was rigid. She suddenly woke up, then asked hoarsely, “What‘s wrong, Elliot? Why are you still awake?”

Elliot could not lie to her, and said, “I forgot my pills.”

“What pills?” Avery immediately sat up, turned on the lights, then looked at him with a stern expression and asked, “Do you mean your antidepressants?”

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