When His Eyes Opened Chapter 835

“My sleeping pills, too,” Elliot said through bloodshot eyes. “Is your insomnia that bad?” Avery ruffled her disheveled hair.

“How did you sleep last night? What about the night before? Don‘t tell me you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep at all?”

As she spoke, she pulled back the covers and got out of bed. Since Elliot could not sleep without his pills, then she had to go buy some got him. “It started last night.”

Elliot did not want Avery to worry, so he said casually, “It’s probably because I’ve been so happy the past couple of days that I keep thinking about Shea.”

“I know Shea’s passing was a huge blow to you, but we need to move forward in life.

If Shea was still a live, she wouldn’t want you to be sad.” Avery put on her coat, then said, “Do you remember the name of the pills you take? Or should I follow my own judgement?”

“I‘ll go with you,” Elliot said as he got out of bed.

“It’s fine. Lie back down,” Avery said as she pushed him back down on his back. “The drugstores would be closed by now. I’ll have to get them from the hospital.

I’ll ask a friend for help, so I‘ll be right back” “You have so many connections here in Bridgdale, and life is so convenient. Why didn’t you just settle down here before?” Elliot asked.

“No matter how good it is here, it still isn‘t my hometown.” Then, Avery jeered, “I have a lot of connections in Aryadelle as well, but none of them are as powerful as you are.

That’s why you don’t know they exist.” “Get the bodyguard to go with you.” “Get some rest and don‘t worry.” Avery picked up her bag and walked out of the bedroom.

As Elliot watched her back, he let out a silent sigh. His torturous sleepless nights were caused by the fact that he knew happy days were coming to an end.

He knew that was the problem, but there was nothing he could do about it. He had yet to figure out how he could say his goodbyes to Avery once they returned toed Aryadelle. He stared blankly at the ceiling as the blinding lights stung his eyes.

Suddenly, a cold drop of the liquid rolled down toward his ear. He wiped the tear away with his finger, then shut his eyes.

Avery returned with the medication forty minutes Iter.

Mrs. Scarlet heard her return and came out of her room to ask where she had gone at that time of night.

Elliot heard their conversation clearly from the room.

Soon after, Avery entered the room with a glass of water. Elliot sat up in bed and felt guilty when he saw her cheeks flush from the cold. “It must be cold outside.”

“Just a little. It’s warm at home.” Avery placed the pills and water on his nightstand, then took off her coat and hung it up.

“Why didn‘t you mention before that you didn’t bring your pills? Would you have stayed up all night if I didn‘t notice that you had insomnia?”

“I didn’t expect to have trouble sleeping.”

“You were regularly taking your pills before this, did you really not expect this if you suddenly cut yourself off? Did you think I could cure your insomnia?” Avery sat down by Elliot’s side and gazed at his profile.

“I talked to the doctor for a little bit. He said that curing insomnia greatly depends on regulating your emotions.” “I‘ve tried that, but it didn‘t work.”

Elliot took the pills, then joked, “I‘m not old, yet.

There’s no need for you to take care of me like this in the middle of the night. It‘ll be tougher when I actually grow old. Maybe you should go find yourself a younger man.”

Avery let out a hearty guffaw.

“Sure! I‘d like to see if younger men are more obedient, too… However, you might already get better by the time I find a younger man!”

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