When His Eyes Opened Chapter 837

Avery witnessed the entire thing. “Come here, Hayden,” she said as she tried to break the awkwardness. Hayden hurried over to his mother‘s side.

“You get over here too, Elliot!” Avery called out when she noticed Elliot was in a daze. Once they entered the studio, the photographer greeted them warmly.

“I can‘t believe you already have three children at such a young age, Miss Tate,” exclaimed the photographer with an expression of envy and shock.

“You have such a great relationship with your husband, but I never heard any news about your marriage!”

Avery felt embarrassed and said, “We’re not husband and wife at the moment, but it won’t stop us from taking a family portrait.”

The photographer sensed that she had misspoken, then quickly apologized and changed the subject.

“I’ve got some samples here, Miss Tate. Please take a look. Otherwise, you can tell me if you have a theme in mind.”

Avery looked through the samples, then let Layla and Hayden choose. “I think they‘re all pretty good, Mommy.” Layla was having a hard time choosing. “Uncle Eric said that I look good no matter how I‘m photographed, so you should choose!”

Once Avery picked two different styles from the samples, the makeup artist began to style her.

Back in Aryadelle, Tanya‘s blood pressure had gone down and she was demanding to leave the hospital.

Chad took her to his place in hopes that she would stay with him for a couple of days before sending her home. “When did you buy this house, Chad? I don‘t remember your place being this big! Why didn‘t you tell me you were getting a new place?” The more Tanya looked around Chad‘s house, the more satisfied she was with what she saw.

It was a spacious and comfortable place with great lighting. There was not much furniture in the house, and it felt slightly empty, but it emanated a minimalistic style.

“I can‘t afford a place like this on my salary,” Chad said guiltily. “Mike said my old place was too small, so he gave me the money to buy this one.” “Huh?!” Tanya‘s cheeks flushed scarlet as her brows furrowed. “He bribed you with a house? How much could this place cost?”

“This house cost fifteen million dollars, Mom.” Chad poured his mother a glass of water, then added, “It‘s nothing much, but it‘s in a good location. I can walk to work from here every day.”

The words “fifteen million dollars ” echoed in Tanya‘s mind as her expression turned awful. “This place cost that much?!”

She stayed in shocked silence for a moment, then asked,” Whose name is on the lease? Was it paid for in cash or did you take out a mortgage?” “It‘s in my name.” Chad took a sip of water, then added, “I took out a mortgage. I’m paying it off every month.”

“Ha! I knew he wasn‘t that rich!” “He wanted to pay for the house for me, Mom. I was the one who insisted on taking out a mortgage.

He paid ninety-nine percent of it, and I took a mortgage for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I pay fifteen hundred dollars a month in property taxes.” “Are you with him for his money, Chad?” Tanya calmed herself down, then had a heart-to-heart with her son.

“I‘ve told you that you only need enough money to spend. There’s no need to do anything you dislike for the sake of money…” “I would still love him even if he didn‘t have money, Mom,” Chad said sincerely.

“I know you and Dad can‘t accept this, and I don‘t plan on convincing you. Let us be for now. We’ll naturally break up if we find that we‘re not suitable for each other.”

That evening, Chad went to see Mike. Mike opened a bottle of champagne for him. “How did you convince your mother to go home?” he asked as he clinked glasses with Chad.

“She took my credit card. She said she had to have at least my person or my money with her,” Chad said frustratedly.

“I‘m penniless right now.”

“Haha! I‘ll take care of you!”

Mike was in a great mood. “They should’ve just said they wanted money! It didn‘t have to lead to someone being hospitalized!”

“I think you might be lovestruck, Mike.” Chad picked up the bottle of wine and poured himself a glass.

“You coughed up the money to buy me such an expensive house, but you‘re still crashing at Avery‘s place.

You got me a new luxury car, but you‘re still driving that wreck of a car that’s been discontinued.”

“You call that lovestruck? I think the way Elliot spends money on Avery is even scarier.

Would that make him lovestruck, too?” Mike retorted.

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