When His Eyes Opened Chapter 838

“Mr. Foster isn’t lovestruck, he‘s just got a lot of love to give!” Chad said. “Not only is he generous with his money when it comes to Avery, he’s also generous with his love! It isn’t like there aren’t more beautiful women around him, but he‘s never given any of them the time of day.”

“That’s because women who are more beautiful than Avery aren’t as capable as she is, and the ones who are more capable than her aren‘t as young and beautiful.” Mike began to sing Avery praises. “If I was into women, i’d fall in love with Avery too.”

Chad gave him a kick. He had only praised him a little bit, and he already had his head up in the clouds.

“You can’t take a joke! Avery and your boss are going to remarry. Once they’re back in the country, I won’t have a place in this home anymore.” Mike had on a pitiful face, but he was in a good mood. “I guess I‘ll just have to move in with you then!”

“Are you sure they’re going to remarry?” Chad had spent the past few days taking care of his mother at the hospital, so he did not hear about this.

“It‘s highly likely they will remarry. Work begins in a couple of days, but Elliot still hasn‘t decided on when he‘s coming back. I bet he‘s having too much fun there to want to return,” Mike joked.

“He’s the boss. He can have as much fun for as long as he wants. Even if Avery doesn’t come back, you‘ll still have to be back at work on time, right?”

“That‘s right. Don’t you have to go back to work as usual even if your boss isn‘t around?”

“Whatever. Let‘s drink!” Chad thought of how chaotic the holidays were, and now that things were finally calm, it was almost time for him to go back to the office.

Meanwhile in Bridgedale, it was evening by the time the portraits were done.

The photographer offered a few complimentary couple shots for Avery and Elliot. “I’ll send the photos to you soon. I wish you all the happiness in the world!”

“Thank you. It‘s been a pleasure,” Avery said. “The pleasure‘s mine. It‘s an honor that you chose me.”

The photographer walked them to the exit, then said, “By the way, may I post a photo of the two of you on my personal social media account? I think you both did very well during the shoot.”

“Sure,” Avery answered without hesitation. “As long as you don‘t post photos of the children.” “Don‘t worry. I won‘t post your family portraits online. It‘s your privacy, after all!” “Thanks.”

As they walked out of the studio, Avery turned to Elliot and said, “You don‘t mind that I agreed to her request, dole you?” She did not mind people finding out that she was with Elliot now.

She felt that Elliot probably did not mind either. Elliot was carrying Layla in his arms as he responded plainly, “I don‘t mind.” The photographer was from Bridgedale, so anything she posted online here most likely would not much is Aryadelle.

It was not a problem even if it reached Aryadelle, since his relationship with Avery was already well known throughout the country. “You look pretty tired,” Avery saw the trouble in Elliot‘s eyes.

He seemed fine then they left the house at noon. Elliot forced a smile and said, “Layla‘s falling asleep.” “I‘m not tired though!”

Avery opened the car door, then tapped Layla on the shoulder and said, “Don’t sleep, sweetie. We‘re heading home now!”

“I couldn’t go back to sleep after I woke up when you went out to get Daddy‘s medicine last night… I didn’t get enough sleep…” Avery glanced at Elliot and said, “Could you hold her?”

“Sure. It‘s my fault, anyway,” Elliot said, blaming himself. “Let‘s head home!” On the drive back, Avery received some digital photos from the photographer.

They were photos of her and Elliot. There was one of him hugging her, and one of him kissing her as he held her face.

Every single photo was oozing with exceptional romance. Hayden noticed Avery laughing at her phone, then asked curiously, “What are you looking at, Mommy?“

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