When His Eyes Opened Chapter 840

The person texting Avery probably did not expect Elliot to be right next to her and was shocked for a moment.

Avery composed herself, then texted: (You said you‘re Chelsea Tierney’s cousin. Why should I believe you?) [I really am her cousin! My name is Ruby Sullivan. Call and ask Chelsea if you don’t believe me. You have her number, right?] (I don‘t. Send me her number.] Avery had Chelsea’s number. She said she did not so she could check if the person texting her was a liar.

The person sent Avery a series of numbers.

Avery checked it with Chelsea‘s number and then confirmed that the person did know Chelsea.

Her heart instantly turned cold.

If this person really was Chelsea‘s cousin, then could what she said be true? The world began to spin around Avery as her temples suddenly began to throb in pain.

Elliot spent every single day with her and the children. He had absolutely no interaction with Chelsea. How was it possible that he was suddenly marrying her?

If he was going to marry Chelsea, then he should be by her side right now! Was Chelsea not disfigured? Even with that fact aside, how could Elliot possibly feel anything for Chelsea?

Avery’s back broke into a cold sweat at this point. She could not forget all of the pain that Chelsea put her through, nor could she forget how she tormented Tammy!

If Elliot dared to date Chelsea, then Avery would no longer want anything to do with him!

However, as long as he still had his reason, Elliot should know that he could only pick one between her and Chelsea.

Ruby: (Why aren‘t you saying anything? You‘re embarrassed and feeling bad, aren‘t you? You’re a homewrecker! You wh*re!)

Avery’s eyes stung slightly as she read the text, and her fingers trembled as she typed a response.

[When did Elliot say he was going to marry your cousin? Nobody told me about this. Even if I am a homewrecker, I didn‘t turn into one knowingly! Watch your mouth!)

Ruby: [Hasn‘t Elliot told you about it yet? Hahaha! What a sc*mbag! He’s still stringing you along when he’s about to marry Chelsea. You poor thing, Avery Tate! You got duped!)

Avery held back her rage and retorted. (Judging by your tone, I’m guessing they‘ve already set date?) Ruby: (All you need to know is that Chelsea‘s family is already preparing for the wedding. My mother said that they‘ll announce the news in a few days! The entire Tierney family already knows about this. Could it still be fake?1

Avery‘s hand clenched tightly around her phone. She could not move her fingers after reading that last text.

This was not a dream! The pain in her heart was too real! She could hear the sound of herself breathing heavily and gritting her teeth. Ruby: [My cousin is disfigured now, so her self–esteem is pretty low. Just because she won’t confront you, doesn’t mean the Tierneys are just going to sit back and take this! Listen up, Avery Tate.

If you continue to stick to Elliot Foster, I‘ll make sure the whole world finds out that you’re a homewrecker!) Those words drove Avery’s heart to tremble with rage. She was gasping for air like a fish out of water.

There were two voices in her mind. One was telling them that Ruby would not lie about something like this, and Elliot was going to marry Chelsea!

The other voice was comforting her and telling her that Elliot would never marry Chelsea! Why would he? Just because she was disfigured?

Just as tears had blurred Avery‘s vision and she decided not to reply to the text, Elliot suddenly reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist. He scooched over and pulled her into his arms.

Avery froze.

She thought that he had woken up and would call out her name in the next second. If he did, then she would definitely not be able to stop herself from asking if he was going to marry Chelsea. However, Elliot did not speak. He was still asleep.

As his steady breathing fell on the back of Avery‘s head, she felt his warm body temperature and breath, and gradually calmed down.

She picked up her phone and saw a series of insulting and threatening messages from Ruby, then replied: (Do you know why Elliot wants to marry Chelsea?]

Ruby: (For profit, of course! How could your lousy company compare to Trust Capital? Elliot Foster will only be able to make more money if he joins forces with the Tierneys!) Avery stared at the jarring text and did not believe a word of it.

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