When His Eyes Opened Chapter 842

As Elliot gazed at Avery’s determined face, he more or less confirmed that she knew about him and Chelsea

She was fine when they went out yesterday, If she had found out the day before, she would not have happily brought him out to take the family portraits,

Someone must have told her about it after he fell asleep the night before,

“I’ll leave tomorrow, then.” Elliot did not know how to answer Avery’s question. All he could do was go along with her.

He would rather leave a day late than explain the real reason he was returning to Aryadelle. Avery let go of his hand, but her eyes continued to stay on him as she said coldly, “When did you and Chelsea make up, Elliot?”

“I haven’t seen her in a long time,” Elliot answered truthfully.

What those words meant, was that he did not make up with her. “I see… You didn’t see her after she got hurt?” “I didn’t.” Elliot hung his head slightly. Avery’s gaze made him feel like he was enduring the most severe punishment.

“Do you like her, then? Did you ever like her? Answer me!” Avery clenched the covers tightly, but she could not stop her body from trembling.

“Never,” Elliot answered clearly and assuredly. He never had feelings for Chelsea, not even before he met Avery. If he ever liked Chelsea, then he would not have let her stay by his side all these years with nothing to show for it. “Tell me, Elliot. Am I a homewrecker?!”

Avery ripped the bandage right off and demanded loudly. “You are not.” Elliot lifted his gaze to look at her. “I know what I’m doing, Avery. I remember every single thing I’ve ever said to you.”

Avery laughed out loud, but her eyes were tearing up. “The ring is real, and so are your promises. Then, is it also true that you’re going back to marry Chelsea?!”

Elliot pursed his lips as he watched the tears on her face.

“And you say I’m not a homewrecker … You’re about to marry someone else… Am I the only one in the world who didn’t know? What were you thinking? What do you take me for?”

Since Elliot did not answer her question, Avery was sure that he really was about to marry Chelsea.

Chelsea’s cousin would not attack her for no reason.

Elliot might have spent the past few days with her and the children, but she could not help but feel like he had a lot on his mind. It turns out that she was not overly sensitive or thinking too much. He truly had a problem!

Since he was about to marry Chelsea, why did he come to Bridgedale to see her? His actions were similar to him feeding her poison that he had concocted with his bare hands.

A knock on the door broke the awkward silence in the room. Elliot watched with an aching heart as Avery quickly wiped the tears off her face and lay back down in bed.

He walked over to the door and opened it.

Mrs. Cooper was standing at the door with Robert in her arms and Layla by her side. “Why are you and Mommy still in bed, Daddy? Breakfast is getting cold! It’s snowing today. Do you two want to play with me?” Layla lifted her head and flashed a face of anticipation.

She was used to her parents spending time with her the past few days. Since the moment she woke up this morning, she was already looking forward to playing outside.

Elliot turned to look back at the bed.

Avery heard Layla’s voice, but she continued to pretend to be asleep. Elliot felt even worse after seeing what a tough time Avery was having. “I’m going back to Aryadelle today, Layla.” Avery would only be more upset and furious if he did not leave.

Layla put on a pitiful face and said, “Okay! Why didn’t you say anything yesterday? I didn’t know you were going back today.”

“I forgot to tell you about it yesterday. I’m sorry, sweetie.” Elliot picked Layla up, then said hoarsely, “Your mother’s still sleeping. Let’s not bother her.”

“Mommy never used to sleep in, Daddy. Why has she been sleeping in every day since you got here?” Layla asked with a confused expression on her face.

Mrs. Cooper’s cheeks flushed and she chuckled out loud. Avery kept her back facing the door as tears escaped her eyes. The final line of defense in her heart utterly crumbled after hearing her daughter’s voice.

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