When His Eyes Opened Chapter 843

If Layla found out that her father was about to return to Aryadelle to marry another woman, she would be devastated!

Once Hayden found out about this, he would definitely despise Elliot even more.

Was Elliot really doing this for the sake of profit? If not, then why was he doing it?

He had said himself that he did not love Chelsea.

Was money more important than love and their three children?

Avery could not understand Elliot’s decision.

He was more than capable of earning his own money, and a lot of it at that. Her company was also steadily making a profit. How much money did he need to finally be satisfied?

Tears streamed down Avery’s cheeks and soaked her pillow.

When there were no longer any sounds coming from outside the door, she turned on her back and stared at the ceiling as she cried silently.

Downstairs, once Elliot was done with breakfast, he picked Robert up in his arms.

Robert’s glistening black eyes were fixed on his father’s face, and Elliot wondered what he was thinking in his tiny head.

He gazed at his son with a smile as he thought, “I don’t know when will be the next time I’ll get to hold you again.”

“What time is your flight, Master Elliot? I’ll go pack your things for you,” Mrs. Cooper said. Elliot thought of how Avery was crying in the room and then quickly said, “It’s fine. It’s just some clothes. I’ll just leave them here.”

Mrs. Cooper beamed and said, “That’s true. If you leave your clothes here, you can wear them when you come here again.”

She was under the impression that Avery and Elliot were stuck together and completely inseparable. In the room, after allowing herself to sob her heart out, Avery threw back the covers and got out of bed.

Running away never solved any problems. Even without Elliot, she still had the children. She must never be knocked down by hardships.

When Avery walked into the bathroom to wash up and saw her haggard complexion and hopeless expression, she suddenly realized that Elliot Foster was not just a man to her.

She had already engraved his name into her heart and included him in her dreams for a beautiful future.

Without him, her life would be bleak and dark

Moments later, she rushed down to the living room. She saw Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Scarlet folding the laundry. Robert was in the crib while Layla was playing with him.

If Elliot was at home, he would be by the children’s side.

“Where’s Elliot?” Avery asked worriedly.

“He left. He’s going back to Aryadelle today. Didn’t he tell you?” Mrs. Cooper was confused.” He said you were sleeping and asked me not to wake you.”


Did he not say he was only leaving tomorrow? Was he afraid that she would beg him to stay, so he could not wait to escape?! The more Avery thought about it, the more unwilling she was to accept this entire debacle!

She picked up her car keys and immediately ran out of the house. Mrs. Cooper watched her leave and wondered out loud, “Did Avery’s eyes look puffy to you?” “They did!” answered Mrs. Scarlet.

“They were red and puffy. Maybe she didn’t want Master Elliot to leave and cried in the room by herself.”

Mrs. Cooper suddenly realize something and exclaimed, “No wonder Master Elliot asked me not to bother her!”

Once Avery drove the car out onto the road, the snowfall outside turned heavier. She hated this fluttering blizzard! It was also snowing heavily the last time she and Elliot separated.

However, today’s snowfall was obviously heavier than the one back then. When she reached the city center, traffic was backed up because of the weather.

Avery was frantic with anxiety as she saw the unmoving traffic in front of her. All she wanted was to make Elliot stay! Did life really have to go against her like this?!

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