When His Eyes Opened Chapter 847

Mrs. Cooper was going to Avery’s room to get Elliot’s suitcase to hand over to Mrs. Scarlet.

She figured that Avery would not want to see Elliot’s things. Instead of throwing it out, it would be better to let Mrs. Scarlet take them with her.

Mrs. Cooper knocked on the door, then walked into the room.

“I already gave Master Elliot my resignation, Avery.” She sat by the bed, saw that Avery’s eyes were open, then continued, “I’m here to take his suitcase for Mrs. Scarlet to bring back with her.”

Avery’s complexion was haggard, but her tone was certain as she said, “Since you’ve already resigned, don’t contact him again from now on. Don’t even send him any photos of Robert.” “Alright.” “I’ve already packed his things.

The suitcase by the desk is his.” Avery had a fever the night before and took some medication when she woke up. When she saw Elliot’s suitcase, she stuffed all of his things inside of it.

“You don’t look so good, Avery. You should get some more sleep,” Mrs. Cooper said and then quickly dragged the suitcase out of the room.

After sending Mrs. Scarlet off, Mrs. Cooper was deep in thought. She eventually called Mike and asked him to call Tammy.

“Why are you looking for Tammy? Doesn’t Avery have her number?” Mike asked in confusion. Mrs. Cooper sighed heavily.

“What’s wrong? Don’t sigh, I was just saying casually. I’ll call Tammy right now.”

“Maybe you should come back here, Mike!” Mrs. Cooper’s heart ached as she recalled Avery lying in bed with bloodshot eyes and a dazed expression on her face.

“Avery and Master Elliot broke up. She said he’s marrying Chelsea Tierney. Everything was too sudden and I didn’t ask too many questions.” “What the f*ck?!” Mike snapped as he shot to his feet.

“Elliot’s marrying Chelsea Tierney?!” “That’s right. I wanted to ask you to get Tammy here to be with Avery.” Mrs. Cooper did not want to talk further and hung up the phone once she was done speaking.

Mike’s hand clenched tightly around his phone as he quickly digested the information he had just received in his head. Chad walked over when he heard the commotion.

“What did you say? Mr. Foster is marrying Chelsea? Who were you talking to?”

“Are you telling me that you didn’t know your boss was about to marry Chelsea Tierney?!”. Mike stared at Chad and could not help but feel suspicious.

“Are you sure you’re not just spewing nonsense?! If I knew about it, would I be able to keep it

quiet?” Chad was furious. “How could Mr. Foster marry Chelsea? He didn’t even want her before she was disfigured. Now that she’s disfigured, why would he suddenly want to marry her?!”

“I don’t f*cking know! Mrs. Cooper was the one who told me! Would she lie to me?” Mike shoved Chad aside and said, “That sc*mbag! I’m going to find him and ask him myself!” Chad grabbed his arm and said, “Can you not be so impulsive? I’ll go and ask You stay home!

Elliot did not tell anyone that he was returning to Aryadelle, but Ben showed up at the Foster mansion not long after he arrived himself.

Ben had spent the past few days holding himself back After he met with Chelsea the other day, he asked around and found out that the Tierneys truly were preparing for a wedding.

“You should know what I’m here to say, Elliot.” Ben stood in front of Elliot with an expression of worry. “Why? Tell me why you’re doing this!”

Elliot was sitting on the couch and leisurely opening a pack of cigarettes. “I don’t need to explain my actions to anybody.” “Oh, so you don’t need to explain yourself to Avery either?” Ben mocked. “Or did you two break up again?!”

Elliot threw the pack of cigarettes on the table and the cigarettes fell out all over the floor.

“This is my business. It’s got nothing to do with you!” His frosty eyes were filled with an eerie chill.

Ben kicked the coffee table in front of him and roared, “Do you know what Chelsea looks like right now?! Ha! Go ahead and marry her if you’re not afraid of having nightmares with her in your arms!”

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