When His Eyes Opened Chapter 848

“Did you meet her?” Elliot picked up a cigarette and held it between his fingers.” “I did.” Ben saw that Elliot did not lose his temper, so the rage inside of him calmed down quite a bit.

He even lit his cigarette for him when he saw that he didn’t have a lighter. “She was the one who called me.”

Ben took a seat next to Elliot, picked up a cigarette from the coffee table, and lit it. “Does she have something on you?” Elliot lowered his gaze slightly and then said bitterly, “Not her.” “Oh.

The Tierneys have something on you? I was thinking, the Chelsea I know wouldn’t have the guts to show up in public with the way she looks right now.

Even if she really wanted to marry you, she wouldn’t want a big wedding.” Elliot turned to Ben and asked, “What does she look like now?”

“It’s hard to describe. I panic every time I think about her face,” Ben said through gritted teeth as he snapped his cigarette in half. “All of the love and hate in the past have paled. I can’t tell what she’s feeling right now. It’s scary, but I also sympathize with her.”

Elliot ashed his cigarette in the ashtray and then said hoarsely, “I’ll go see her tomorrow.” “She might reconsider once you see her tomorrow.” Ben leaned back on the sofa and let out a heavy sigh.

“I can marry her no matter what she looks like.” Elliot took a puff of his cigarette and exhaled a ring of smoke. “I’ve already hurt Avery and the kids. I don’t have another choice.” “Did you already decide before the new year?” Ben interrogated as he gazed at Elliot’s profile.

“Why did you go to Bridgedale, then? You spent Valentine’s Day with her and even took family portraits. Were you out of your mind?!” “That’s right.

I was out of my mind,” Elliot answered honestly. “Even in my dreams, I want to be with her. When she called me over there, all of my reason went out the window.” “You knew that would hurt her even more.

Why couldn’t you have some self-control? How did you expect her and the kids to feel? You didn’t tell her you were being threatened, did you? I bet you didn’t!” Ben knew him far too well.

Elliot never revealed his pain to anybody. The closer he was to someone, the more he would hide it. “Tell her and let her worry?” Elliot said word after word, “It’s my own problem. I’ll deal with it myself.”

“I know you can handle it, but once you’ve solved your problems, Avery might not forgive you. ” Ben shoved the reality at him and said, “If Shea hadn’t sacrificed herself to save Robert, do you really think Avery would have gotten back with you so quickly?”

His words instantly caused Elliot’s brows to furrow tightly.

A beam of light shone in through the windows from outside the door. The light stung Ben’s eyes. He immediately stood up to see who had the gall to act so arrogantly in front of Elliot Foster’s house!

Were they not afraid of being beaten to a pulp by the bodyguards? Ben walked over to the window and saw Chad and Mike walking into the front yard one after the other.

He let out a cold chuckle and said, “Mike’s here for you,Elliot.”

Elliot killed his cigarette in the ashtray. When the mansion’s front door burst open, Chad quickly shouted, “I couldn’t stop him, Sir! Don’t take anything he says to heart!” “Chad Rayner! Even if your boss kills someone, you’ll still say he was right!

You must be f*cking blind to follow such a piece of sh*t who can’t tell right from wrong!” Mike snapped rudely. Ben was afraid they would fight, so he pulled Chad aside.

Mike stormed over to Elliot and the bodyguard immediately stood in his way. Mike was afraid to make a move, but he was not afraid to chastise him. “Elliot Foster!

You hurt Avery and the kids because of that nasty business of yours. Are you even human? You’re not! You’re trash!”

The bodyguard immediately dragged Mike out of the house, and Chad quickly followed them.

“I’ll take you to the airport!”

Chad was upset about getting insulted, but he did not take it to heart after thinking of how much Avery must be suffering right now.

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