When His Eyes Opened Chapter 850

Tammy felt she was being too cruel.

She could have waited until Avery had recovered and let her tell the children about the matter herself, but she could not bring herself to let the children stay in the dark.

“Hayden told me about it this morning, Aunt Tammy.” The moment Layla spoke, her eyes reddened. “I won’t trust Daddy anymore. He’s a bad man!”

Tammy pulled Layla into her arms and cooed, “Don’t cry, Layla. Even without your father, you still have your Mommy, your brother, and me. We will always love you.”

“I’m mad at Daddy for lying to me.” Layla rubbed her eyes, then said, “I’m also mad that he made Mommy sad. Mommy’s so upset that she got sick. I can’t cry… Mommy would be even sadder if I cried.”

Tears were streaming down her face as she said those words.

“I’ll try to cry softer…” she sobbed.

Tammy’s heart was breaking. “Let’s stop crying after this, sweetie. That dirtbag isn’t worth your tears. He could be living his best life in Aryadelle right now!” Layla felt betrayed, then mumbled, “He was so nice to me. When we went out, he would always carry me because he was worried I’d get tired from walk ing.”

“He was also good to your mother.” Tammy had seen the sweet photos Avery had posted on social media in the past few days. “However, he’s about to marry another woman.

The world that adults live in is too complicated and you might not understand it right now.

You and your brother just need to focus on growing up well and not let anything else bother you.” Layla pursed her lips in distress.

“How about I take you and your brother out to play, Layla?” Tammy wanted to take the kids out to get some air.

Layla shook her head and said, “I don’t want to go out and I don’t want to play. I want to stay home. Mommy’s sick. I’ll wait until she recovers.” “You’re such a good girl, sweetie.”

“I’m not as good as Hayden. He knew from the beginning that Daddy was a bad man,” Layla said, then glanced at Hayden and added, “I’ll listen to Hayden from now on.” Back in Aryadelle, after a night’s rest, Elliot called Chelsea to set up a meeting.

An hour later, Chelsea showed up in a black face mask and kept a low profile. Elliot was sitting on the couch reading the latest issue of a finance magazine.

When Chelsea took a seat on the couch across from him, he casually put down the magazine.

He lifted his gaze to look at her.

Chelsea hung her head and did not take off her mask.

Her eyes were the same as before, but her gaze was different now.

She used to be hardheaded and would not show weakness even if she made a mistake. However, her low self-esteem could clearly be seen in her eyes.

“Take off your mask,” Elliott said. Chelsea slowly lifted her hand and took off her mask. When Elliot saw the left side of her face, his gaze instantly stayed fixed on it. It was pretty much as Ben had said. Chelsea’s face was utterly disfigured.

“Do you hate me, Chelsea?” he asked. Chelsea did not expect him to say that and was slightly taken aback. “I don’t hate you. I hate Charlie.” “I was the one who started the fire.”

Elliot was practically saying that he was the cause behind her disfigurement.

After Chelsea realized what he meant, tears instantly began to stream down her cheeks. “I know! Someone already told me it was you, but you didn’t know that I was staying there at the time. You wanted to kill him, not me.”

“If I had a choice, I would want the both of you dead,” Elliot said cruelly. “Don’t tell me you think I have feelings for you?” Chelsea let out an embarrassed chuckle, but her tears did not cease.

“Stop crying,” Elliot said in a deep voice. “If you can’t carry out the promise you made to me on the phone, you should know what the consequences will be.”

Chelsea wiped her tears away and quickly composed herself. “I know. This is my last chance. If I don’t seize it, then I’ll kill myself even if you don’t.”

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