When His Eyes Opened Chapter 851


“I’m not the one who wants to marry you, Elliot.” Chelsea thought about it, then decided to clear things up with Elliot. “Charlie wants to use me to humiliate you. I don’t want to get married, let alone have a wedding.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Elliot said casually. Chelsea froze for a moment, then stared at his cold expression and asked, “About Avery Tate…

“Just do what you promised, Chelsea. You don’t need to bother with my personal matters.” “I can help you explain things to her!” Chelsea offered. “There’s no need for that!” Elliot snapped. “Don’t bother her!”

He knew very well how Avery was feeling at the moment.

She would get mad if anyone mentioned him in front of her now. She would be even more furious if Chelsea was the one to do it.

It was better not to bother her before everything was settled.

Once things were handled, he would go to her and admit his mistakes himself.

Two hours later, the news of Sterling Group’s president, Elliot Foster, spending a fortune to marry the daughter of Trust Capital, Chelsea Tierney, made headlines and went viral online.

The news was announced based on Charlie’s requests.

Not only did he want the entire world to know that Elliot was marrying Chelsea, but he also wanted it to be known that he was going to spend a fortune doing it.

The news article stated that Elliot would give Chelsea seven hundred and seventy-five million dollars as a token of his love.

The article also reported that not only did Elliot not leave Chelsea after she was disfigured from a fire, but he also wanted to throw her a grand wedding.

Of course, Chelsea would never see a penny of that money as it would be directly deposited into Charlie’s account. Charlie was using the wedding to justifiably rob Elliot in broad daylight and make him a laughingstock in the eyes of these public. This was because photos of Chelsea after her disfigurement were also included in the article.

The moment the news broke, it immediately started a heated discussion in Aryadelle.

[Elliot Foster and Chelsea Tierney? Is there a glitch in my memory? Why was I under the impression that Elliot Foster was dating Avery Tate?] (Why is Elliot Foster marrying Chelsea Tierney? She looks terrifying after she got disfigured!

I’m not looking down on her, but is Elliot Foster really not afraid of looking at her face?)

[It must be true love, right? Otherwise, I can’t understand why someone as rich as Elliot Foster would want to marry a disfigured woman!] [Did Elliot Foster get abducted??] (I just saw photos of Elliot Foster kissing Avery Tate a few days ago! Now he’s marrying Chelsea Tierney?

I don’t know if he’s a dirtbag or a god!) (Could this be some kind of unsolved mystery?! No normal man would choose Chelsea Tierney, right? He even spent $775 million on her… If it were me, I wouldn’t even give her seven bucks! Ha!)

Over in Bridgedale, Avery’s fever finally subsided. She went into the bathroom to take a shower, changed into some clean clothes, then came out of the room.

“Is something wrong with Elliot Foster?! Is marrying Chelsea Tierney something to show off about? It’s even making headlines here in Bridgedale! What a f*cking joke!” Tammy roared angrily. “Is he worried that Avery won’t see it? How could he be so cruel?!”

Mrs. Cooper noticed Avery walking over and immediately signaled Tammy with her eyes to ask her to stop talking.

When Tammy turned around and saw Avery, she instantly held back her raging emotions. “Do you feel better now, Avery?” Avery’s face was pale, but she nodded her head. She had heard everything that Tammy said just now.

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