When His Eyes Opened Chapter 854

Back in Aryadelle, once news broke on Elliot Foster and Chelsea Tierney’s impending nuptials, details regarding their wedding also began to spread far and wide Everything from the wedding venue and the number of guests, to the dinner menu, wedding favors, and the bride’s jewelry were all made public online.

This grand, upcoming wedding was the pride and joy of the Tierney family. Wanda, who had once mocked Charlie at the hospital, could not help but give him a call when she read about the shocking news, “You sure are treacherous, Charlie Tierney!”

She was slightly angry. “You were the one who took the box’s contents, weren’t you? That should’ve been mine!”

If Charlie had not taken the box’s contents away, the person threatening Elliot right now would be her!

The seven hundred and seventy-five million dollars should also be in her pockets!

“Would you like to attend my sister and Elliot Foster’s wedding, Wanda? Let’s talk face-to face about the question you just asked!” Charlie let out a maniacal laugh. “I’ll entertain you well if you have the guts to show up. I’ll even ask my new brother-in-law to go easy on you.”

Of course Wanda wanted to watch Elliot marry Chelsea.

The reason this news managed to rock the world was not only because of Elliot’s status but more so because he was marrying a hideous monster! How could she not want to watch that with her own eyes? However, Wanda was afraid to die. She was cooped up hiding away in Bridgedale, but at least Elliot could not kill her.

“You sure have guts, Charlie Tierney. If I were you, I wouldn’t be able to threaten Elliot Foster this directly.” Wanda hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Aren’t you afraid he’d kill you?”

“Ha ha ha! Didn’t he almost kill me once? When it comes to someone who uses cruel tactics like Elliot Foster, the only way to have a chance against him is to be even more cruel,” Charlie said, sharing his experience.

“Now that I have something on him, I’ll ruin him if he lays a finger on me!” “I see. In that case, you better hide what you found well. If he ever gets it back, you’re dead meat,” Wanda warned.

“Of course, I’ll keep it safe.” Charlie snickered menacingly. “To be honest, I don’t even have it with me. If Elliot kills me, then my subordinate will immediately make his scandaled public!”

“You gave it to your subordinate? Aren’t you afraid they’d betray you?” Wanda did not expect Charlie to tell her this much, “Since I did it, then, of course I’m not afraid. That’s because I have another subordinate holding this subordinate’s family hostage.

If he betrays me, then my other subordinate will kill his entire family. Isn’t this kind of mutually restrained relationship so beautiful?” Charlie

chuckled excitedly at his own scheming.

Wanda wanted to ask what happens if both his subordinates betrayed him, but she calmed herself down and did not say it. Ordinary people would not take such a big risk There was a knock on the door and Charlie hung up the phone then walked over to the door and opened it.

Chelsea was standing in the doorway with a long face. “Can I choose my own makeup and hairstyle for the wedding, Charlie?” Charlie gazed at her face, then said bluntly, “Of course not. Didn’t I already tell you?

You’re just a pawn for me to humiliate Elliot Foster right now. How could a pawn have its own thoughts and opinions?”

“Aren’t I humiliating the Tierney name at the same time?” Chelse retorted. “It isn’t the same. You’re not my biological sister. You’re humiliating your own mother.

From the moment you were born, you never had the right to be the Tierney heir. You can never represent the Tierney family,” Charlie said heartlessly.

“How can I turn Elliot into a laughing stock if I don’t show off your ugly face? Ha ha ha ha!” Chelsea clenched her fists, then turned and walked away.

She had heard Charlie’s entire phone conversation in the room just now.

He said that the stuff was with his subordinate.

Chelsea grinned lightly Some people were killed by their own stupidity, while others were killed by their own arrogance.

Charlie was not stupid, but he was insanely arrogant. The moment he had a taste of power, he immediately treated everyone around him as fools! Chelsea swore that she would do whatever it took to get the Tierney fortune back!

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