When His Eyes Opened Chapter 858

Avery pondered for a few seconds, then responded coldly, “I don’t care.”

Tammy could feel Avery’s resolution toward Elliot from her tone. She was right. Nothing that happened to Elliot right now was worth Avery’s sympathy.

All the gossip about Elliot completely disappeared from the internet overnight. People might not be able to discuss the matter online, but everyone was still talking about it in private.

“I think there’s something abnormal about Mr. Foster too,” said one of the employees at Sterling Group.

“I think he might not even be from this world. He could be an alien from another planet. Nothing else would explain how he’s so outstanding at such a young age.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

“I think that even if Mr. Foster had a psychological disorder, it’s not something that would make him go on a killing frenzy.

I’ve been working here for a long time and I’ve never heard any negative press about him.

Our company has the highest yearly salary increment in the industry. You can’t find anything wrong with such a great boss!”

“That’s right! I think Charlie Tierney was trying to spoil Mr. Foster’s reputation on purpose! Saying that someone hacked into his account was just a lame excuse!”

Ben heard the discussion when he walked by the pantry, then strode over to Elliot’s office.

He burst into the room without knocking.

Elliot was quietly sitting at his desk with his eyes fixed on his laptop, but it was obvious that he was not paying attention to the screen at all.

“Why aren’t you taking a break at home?” Ben took a seat across from him and examined him.

“It’s working hours right now,” Elliot responded without emotion.

“The news online is true, right?” From the moment the news broke to it now being common knowledge, Ben had a strong hunch.

“Charlie was holding this over your head, wasn’t he?” Elliot confirmed blandly. Ben’s face turned pale. “Of all the years we’ve known each other, why did you never say anything about this, Elliot?

What a joke.

How could I possibly not know if you really have a psychological disorder?” “You said the same thing back then,” Elliot said. Ben froze for a moment, then immediately understood what he meant.

He was talking about Shea. Before Shea was introduced, nobody around Elliot knew of her existence.

“It’s an old illness, right? You’re fine now, right?” Ben still refused to believe that this was true. “You get a medical checkup every year. Weren’t the results always pretty good?” “What does it matter if it was before or now?” Elliot glanced coldly at Ben.

People who simply wanted to join in on the fun would not care about any of this. A short post about Elliot Foster suffering from a psychological disorder was enough for them to have the time of their lives!

“Now that this matter has been exposed, there’s no reason for you to marry Chelsea anymore, “Ben said resolutely. “Cancel the wedding and make the Tierneys return the money!”

Elliot shook his head and said, “The show has just begun.” “What show? What are you planning, Elliot? If you really marry Chelsea, Avery won’t ever forgive you!” Ben exclaimed emotionally. “Do you think I’m still hoping she’ll love me the way I am right now?” Elliot said as he broke into a bitter smile.

While the news of his scandal was going viral, he saw Eric Santos upload a series of photos on his social media account.

They were photos of him skiing with Avery, Layla, and Hayden. Elliot could see Avery’s smiling face through the protective goggles. She and Eric were a good match.

“She’s a doctor. How could she possibly abandon you just because you’re sick?” Ben said.”

Besides, your illness doesn’t affect your daily life at all. If Charlie hadn’t revealed your illness…

“Hayden was the one who leaked it. He’s known about it this entire time.”

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