When His Eyes Opened Chapter 859

“Then. What does Avery think.” Ben hesitated for a moment before asking this question Brause the answer was already clearly written on Elliot’s face.

Elliot took out a cigarette and lit it up. “Don’t smoke so much, Elliot,” Ben noticed the new lighter in Elliot’s hand and guessed that he had probably smoked a lot in the past few days.

I didn’t want to embarrass the children,” Elliot said as his bloodshot eyes glistened with deep hatred.

“I want Charlie Tierney to die a horrible death!” When he said that he did not want to embarrass the children, Ben instantly understood what he was feeling Layla and Hayden were already attending school.

They were no longer three-year-olds. They could find out about any of society’s trending news from their classmates and teachers.

If things got blown out of proportion, would their classmates view them differently? Would they also think that Layla and Hayden were abnormal? Over in Bridgedale, Eric took Avery and the twins out skiing.

Avery did not feel like going out, but since the children wanted to go, she had to agree to it. She was not very good at skiing, so Eric guided her the entire time.

Experiencing new things could indeed make a person temporarily forget their troubles.

After spending the entire day out, Avery was completely out of energy and had no strength left to think too much.

“Thanks for today, Eric!” Mike said. “Did you post the photos up on social media to try to p*ss someone off?”

“I just wanted to share my daily life with my fans,” Eric responded. Mike especially liked this about Eric. No matter what little things he was doing in secret, he could always act as if he had nothing to hide.

After dinner, Avery returned to her room and took a shower.

When she walked out of the bathroom after her shower, she noticed Mike standing inside her room.

“Do you think it’s appropriate for a man to be in a woman’s room like this?” Avery threw on a cardigan, then said, “You’re beginning to cross too many boundaries.”

“Aren’t you always barging into my room without knocking?” Mike took a seat on the chair by the desk, then said straightforwardly, “I’m guessing you already know about what’s happening in Aryadelle, Avery. I bet Tammy already told you about it, right?”

“Did you wait around here just to ask me that?” Avery sat down on the bed with eyes cold as ice.

Mike scratched his head and said, “Actually, I already knew about this a long time ago. I didn’t tell you since it was Elliot’s private matter. I couldn’t just blurt that stuff out, right?”

“He told you he’s sick and you believed him?” Mike was confused by her words. “What do you mean? Are you saying he lied to me?”.

“Do you think he looks like someone with a psychological disorder?” After hearing about this from Tammy, Avery thoroughly recalled all the moments she had spent with Elliot.

Elliot did not have the best temper, but there were no serious issues with the way he did things and treated people. He had his own way of dealing with the world.

As long as things went his way, he would not simply hurt anybody. Mike was stunned. “Of course, I don’t think he looks sick! Maybe he had a disorder once and got cured later.”

“Why use the past to torment others?” Avery retorted. “If he could tell you about his past illness, then why couldn’t he tell me about it? If he thinks that breaking up with me is for my own good, then fine. I won’t ever get involved with him again!”

Mike walked over to her and patted her on the back.

“Don’t be mad. Don’t you have surgeries to perform tomorrow? Go to bed earlier tonight.”

Avery lifted her hand to wipe away the tears at the corners of her eyes. “It looks like he loves me, but he loves himself the most.

I almost begged him on my knees at the airport the other day, but he was completely indifferent. Mike! He was indifferent!”

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