When His Eyes Opened Chapter 861

Back in Aryadelle, it was the day of Elliot Foster and Chelsea Tierney’s wedding.

Charlie was welcoming guests at the hotel’s entrance along with Chelsea’s mother.

Everything was going according to Charlie’s plan without a hitch.

The first reason Charlie wanted Elliot to marry Chelsea was to humiliate Elliot.

The second reason was that he wanted the whole world to know that there was a marriage between the Tierneys and the Fosters and that the Tierneys would have the Foster family’s support in the future.

As long as Charlie had his bargaining chip firmly in his grasp, nothing bad would happen.

Tammy entered the banquet hall and immediately spotted Jun in the crowd.

He was standing with Ben. They were chatting away happily in a relaxed manner.

Tammy picked up a glass of champagne and found a noticeable spot to sit down.

Very quickly, Ben saw her and informed Jun of her presence. Jun saw that she was sitting by herself, then walked in her direction.

Tammy felt uncomfortable when she saw him approaching her.

She wanted to talk to him, but she did not know what to say.

“Didn’t you get a new boyfriend? Why didn’t you bring him along?” Jun snickered as he stood still next to her.

Tammy did not expect him to speak so cruelly, so she retorted, “Aren’t you about to get married? Why don’t I see your fiance around?”

“Since you want to meet her, I’ll go get her to come and say hello,” Jun said, then walked toward a group of women who were dressed to the nines.

Tammy was speechless. Jun actually brought his fiance along with him!

Ha! If she knew this would happen, she would have brought a date no matter what.

Within the next minute, Jun led an elegant woman over to Tammy. “Hello, Tammy. I’m…”

Just as Jun’s fiance was about to introduce herself, Tammy slammed her glass on the table, grabbed her purse, and stormed off!

Jun did not expect Tammy to be such a sore loser!

She had escaped under the watchful eyes of the crowd without any regard for etiquette or grace. Her actions were completely different from what he had imagined.

“That’s enough, Jun!” Ben walked over and pat Jun on the shoulder. “How could Tammy

handle such a blow? You might be divorced, but there’s no reason for you to come up with ways to anger her.”

Jun was still furious. “Let’s see if she’ll have the guts to attend my wedding.” “Don’t you think she came back just so she could go to your wedding?” Ben teased. “She just attended this one while she was at it.” “I just get so angry whenever I see her.” Jun threw back his drink in one gulp. “She’s such good friends with Avery.

Why can’t she learn a thing or two from her?” “Avery’s probably feeling about the same as you right now. She must be livid that Elliot’s getting married today,” Ben said.

Jun lowered his voice and said, “We don’t even know for sure if this wedding is actually happening yet. The hotel’s surrounded by bodyguards.” “Maybe Charlie hired them.”

“I asked around, and there are indeed bodyguards that Charlie hired out there, but most of them were hired by Elliot,” Jun said, then paused for a moment and added, “Things might get rowdy here later. It’s a good thing I chased Tammy off.”

Ben tutted, then sighed and said, “Look at you go. Don’t tell me you’re waiting for Tammy to show up and fight for you on April Fool’s Day?” Jun crossed his fingers and said, “That’s what I’m betting on. If she doesn’t come, then I’l really move on with another woman.”

When the clock struck noon and the ceremony was supposed to begin, neither the bride or groom were anywhere to be found.

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